LLF-Consulting: Your Professional Development Experts

LLF-Consulting: Your Professional Development Experts

Local Business Series: LLF-Consulting

Hey Laisha! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to learn more about LLF- Consulting.

Please start by introducing yourself and then tell us a little about your background? 

Thank you for having me. I’m Laisha L. Fox, CEO of LLF-Consulting and Professional Development maven. I assist professionals with climbing the ‘Corporate Ladder’, I too help entrepreneurs take their business(es) to the next level. My strategies have proven to be effective both on and off the job. My customized best practices and tools have improved business bottom lines and increased paychecks. I have over 18 years of combined experience in Project Management and Human Resources. I was born and raised in Chicago. I attended Northern Illinois University where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications. I started my career in the Project Management industry and have led projects for a variety of organizations. Some to include: Microsoft, Dell and Careerbuilder. After earning two Master’s degrees (Project Management and Human Resources) I coupled my education and professional experience and created LLF-Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in Professional Development.

That’s amazing and quite impressive. Tell us about some of the services you specialize in?

My most popular service is coaching, career and business. I also offer professional resume writing services: resumes, cover letters, reference letters etc. I also offer branding services. I offer a complete suite of professional development products & services.

Great, what do you love about being able to help people better themselves? 

Like most professionals, I experienced my fair share of adversity when starting my career. Unfortunately, I overcame adversity alone. My most troubling days, made me want to be an extension of help if I ever rose above the occasion. So, here we are.

I love that! What do you think makes an experience with Coach Lai different from other professional coaches?

I’ve helped hundreds of professionals accelerate their career. I also happen to be a product of my own best practices. Not only do I talk the talk, I walk the walk. I’ve helped professionals seamlessly transition careers, negotiate higher wages and even secure their dream job. I’m a ‘No Nonsense’ Coach, I pride myself on producing high-quality results.

Yes, I’ve attended a few of your workshops and I love your style. What has been some of your most proudest accomplishments?

  • Helping over 500 professionals achieve their career goals
  • PUMA l Fashion Geek Collaboration, Coat Drive
  • Black Enterprise feature, 5 Ways to Propel Your Career Forward
  • Launched an online store with, career tools, masterclasses, templates & more

That’s definitely a list to be proud of. Ok, let’s shift gears a little bit. We know that entrepreneurship is certainly not easy. What types of obstacles have you faced along the way?

LLF-Consulting was my very first child. I endured labor pains and was overjoyed with the birth. I celebrated milestones, I too nursed bruises. I’ve watched my baby grow over the last five years and I couldn’t be a prouder mom. Prior to birth, I second guessed my decision to move forward and I couldn’t be any happier those abandonments, notions, and thoughts were cancelled. Fast forward, 5 years later I gave up my working class mentality and generated revenue from what I knew instead of what I did. Everyone has a skill but they don’t have my story.

My biggest struggle was time. As my business grew I unfortunately didn’t get more hours on the clock. My time management skills by default became a priority for me.

I can certainly relate to the time management struggles. What has helped you overcome this?

I learned to automate! Again, as my responsibilities grew my time didn’t. I learned to create systems that allowed me to automate my day-to-day tasks. For example, I use scheduling apps to aid with my social media management. I learned to work smarter and stopped working harder.

I love that. Now, I can imagine you to be extremely busy during a time like now. What advice would you give professionals displaced from work during this economic pandemic?

Keep looking! Your job search should continue, business as usual. Continue sending in your applications and update both your resume and cover letter. The job market will be even more competitive with more applicants. It’s likely companies may need to temporarily stop their search but once we resume normalcy, they’ll still need to fill those roles.

That’s some great advice Coach Lai! Before you go, you gotta give us a Lookclusive. What exciting things can we expect from LLF-Consulting this year?  

eLearning, lots of it! Professional Development is a journey that should never end. Post this pandemic, I’ll be partnering with local businesses and hosting a job fair. My goal, is for professionals recently displaced as a result of this pandemic will be to secure employment.

Awesome, thank you so much Laisha it’s truly been my pleasure. Please tell everyone how they can find and connect with you?

I can be found on the web & social media. My websites are as follows: www.llf-consulting.com and

www.climbingthecorporateladder.com . My social media handles are: llfconsulting (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)

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