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Alluring Designs Chicago

Local Business Series: Alluring Designs Chicago

Hey April! We are so excited to chat with you today.   
Can you start by telling everyone who you are followed by introducing the members of your team?

Thank you for having us! I am April Gandy, owner and Principal Designer of Alluring Designs Chicago. We are a full-service interior design firm that offers interior design services for residential interiors. We specialize in kitchens, baths and home decorating. Our team includes my close family friend Jennifer Anderson, who is one of our Designers and my mother, Valerie Steward, who is our Lead Designer.

 I couldn’t help but notice that you are a team of women and I love it! I am especially proud to acknowledge and celebrate your success shortly after international women’s day! So tell me what makes this team of women dynamic?

I think what makes our team dynamic is our ability to come on any project and add our own personal touches. Our individual contributions always come together cohesively and seamlessly to our clients. We respect each other’s opinions and we all have the ability to think outside the box to see other perspectives. We all have a different sense of style and design. Jennifer is more artsy in her style; Valerie has a modern touch and I definitely love to add a bit of glam in each project. When you have such different styles merge it helps to keep things unique and interesting. No two projects look the same. We are also a ton of fun! We love to create a lighthearted work environment on projects. By the end of the project we all feel like family!

 That is awesome! What do you feel the advantages of having a strong team are?

Having a strong team allows us flexibility to depend on each other when we need to. We know that between the three of us we will get through anything. Having a strong team also means we speak up when things don’t sound right. When we are working with vendors or trades, we will always be an advocate for the best interest of our client.

I love that! Since coming together what has been some of your proudest accomplishments? 

Our proudest accomplishments hands down are the moments we reveal our work to our clients. We love to see them gasp at the beauty of their home and relish in the idea that they never thought their home could look so good.

Ok let’s shift gears a little bit. I know first hand that entrepreneurship is not easy. Many of us have had to to push through tough times at some point in our careers. Has there been any obstacles that  you’ve had to overcome as a team?   

Yes, our biggest struggle of all has been Covid-19. Finding a way to balance projects and keeping our clients and team safe. We’re learning a new way to still stay busy every day.

 Yes we are all trying to deal with this. The best advice I’ve been telling myself and others is to use this time to improve your craft. This pandemic will not last forever and we need to be ready to soar when it’s over. It’s also important to keep positive people around you. It sounds like you have that in your team. What advice would you give others who are looking to form a dynamic team but don’t know where to start?

I would say start with those around you. We all know who the strong people in our lives our who share those same interests. It’s hard to find people that you can trust who also, have similar work ethics. We all know people who align with what we would want our brand to represent so start in your own circle.

 I totally agreeNow here’s one of my favorite questions to ask. Out of the many interior design companies in Chicago, why should someone looking for these types of  services choose Alluring Designs

Alluring Designs Chicago strives to create connections with our clients that help us tap into who they are. Learning about our client’s likes and dislikes help us understand their style. We love to give client’s a space that speaks their language and makes them feel like their house is a home that is a true reflection of them.

Awesome, before I let you go you gotta give us a Lookclusive! What can we expect from Alluring Designs Chicago this year?  

This summer we plan on launching our e-design service that will allow us to expand our market to those who are not in the Chicago area. This will allow those clients to utilize our design services for a fraction of the cost. We’ll schedule a video chat to discuss goals, take measurements from the client and create a rendering that allows the client to bring the look to life on their own. We’ll also provide a shopping list and include where to place furnishings. Additionally, you can expect to see us on a tv screen near you very soon. Follow The Look Chicago on FB and Instagram to find out exact dates and times.

That all sounds great April!  Thank you for allowing us to get to know more about Alluring Designs Chicago. It has been such a pleasure. Please tell everyone where they can learn more about alluring designs and see more of your completed projects? You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @alluringdesignschicago or you can visit our website 


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