LOOKprenuer Partner Lakeisha Story- Adams

LOOKprenuer Partner Lakeisha Story- Adams

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Lakeisha. We are excited for the world to learn why we can’t stop LOOKing at you! Let’s start by telling them who you are. My name is Lakeisha Story-Adams and I am 32 years old. I was born and raised in Chicago IL. Outside of being a loving wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, Suniya Velvet and Royal Violet, I am currently a United States Army Sergeant First Class two-time Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, a logistician and owner of Royal Velouttè Skincare LLC. When I am not working on my businesses or away training the next generation of Army leaders, I love all things fitness. I am continuously learning new things, supporting, uplifting, and mentoring other women and just working towards being the best version of me that I possibly can be.

Wow I am so impressed by all that you do and the fact that you do it so well, Who or What keeps you motivated when you feel discouraged? I would say that my Husband and children are what motivates me and keep me going. I wear so many hats and there are many times that I have to be away for months at a time which in in many cases, I am not given much time to make the appropriate adjustments. In those instances, I feel horrible because my husband is left to fulfill my role both in our businesses and my role as a mother. My oldest daughter is now a teenager and I want to be there for her and all the changes that being a teen comes with. That said, there are times when I am not able to be there. In those moments, they encourage me by telling me they understand and that everything will be ok. I am beyond grateful for their understanding and support. Because of this, I am motivated and give 120% when I am away or when I am going after other opportunities to be successful.

Whenever I am discouraged, I look to God! He is the center of my universe first and foremost. I turn to him and only him because I feel that no one would understand my story completely. We all have our moments, and when I have mine, Id rather not unload that pressure on anyone. When I turn to God, he turns it around and gives me what I need to continue on.

I love that. What advice would you give entrepreneurs about the importance of patience and timingDo NOT let anyone dictate your pace!!! Do not rush greatness! Without extreme focus and strategic decision-making processes, your business will head nowhere fast! Royal Velouttè took off and because it was doing so well, I made some costly decisions that set me back. In business trial and error is what allows you room for growth. Growth requires time and patience.

Thats great advice. I Believe that we are all born with special gifts and talents which gives us our own unique super powers. What would you say your LOOKprenuer Super Powers are?Mmmm. My LOOKprenuer superpower would have to be my resilience, genuine concern,  compassion for others, and my integrity. I easily adapt to change and that allows me to stay focused in times of adversity. I believe that it is most important to uplift others. In uplifting others we are cultivating the best parts of them. This is important and very necessary especially in todays society.  Supporting, encouraging, challenging, motivating, and inspiring others goes a long way. Ive learned that you can literally be the reason another person keep going or give up. I want to  ensure they keep going!

What have been some your proudest moments in your career journey My proudest moments in my journey with Royal Veloutte would have to be the lives I have transformed by providing products that have helped those on their journey to achieve healthy, glowing skin! The acceptance that I have gained in entering the skincare market is surreal. Royal Velouttè Skincare will be 1 year old August 1, 2019. Throughout the year, I have been blessed to be able to grow my business, and my Royal Babe Tribe. The support behind my brand has been nothing short of amazing.

Ok now tell us something most people don’t know about You? I am a die-hard Lady Gaga fan! If I could meet any celebrity it would be her! I’m also a crier, I recently watched her movie A Star Is Born, cried the entire movie!

Wow ok I def didn’t know that. What is something that is assumed about you that is far from the truthThat I do not have emotions or problems! I do not understand this for the life of me. I am human so I make mistakes like everyone else. I have issues like everyone else and I am affected by things like everyone else. In fact, I am more so affected because I am a cancer. By nature, I am an emotional person. I am also a no fluff type of person, but I still have feelings and issues just like everyone else.

I definitely feel you on that. Now lets have some fun. Tell us something funny about you? I have become a major Marvel fan at 32  lol! I literally googled the order in which to watch all of the movies and then binged watched all them in that order! The Avengers are my favorite ones!

lol thats hilarious! Before we wrap things up lets talk a little about your brand. What Would you like people to know about itRoyal Velouttè Skincare offers our consumers quality skincare products that are dual in action and can be used on both the face as well as the body, unless a product specifically states otherwise. My full line of products is formulated with the highest quality ingredients, that are free from known irritants such as parabens, sulfates, fragrances, artificial dyes and harmful alcohols. This is what sets Royal Velouttè apart from other branded skincare lines.

Growing quickly, since my launch August 1, 2018, Royal Velouttè Skincare has launched 4 new products and have been featured on numerous media platforms such as The Look Chicago, iHeart Radio’s Inspiration 1390 with Master Communicator AC Green, and WCIU The Jam TV Show just to name a few. Royal Velouttè conducts business with the highest degree of integrity and value. We believe in quality over quantity with our consumers and Royal Partners.

Ok now leave us with a LOOKclusive. What can we expect from your brand in the coming months? In the coming months I will be introducing my Hydra-Lift mask that will provide skin an instant lift and firmer feel that one can wear for 30 minutes or even sleep in! I have been getting a lot of amazing feedback about it and I absolutely can’t wait until it launches! I’ll also be introducing a pumpkin clarifying mask for more oily skin types and a hydration mist that also acts as a setting spray for your makeup! I was also given the opportunity by Andrea Metcalf, a super amazing health coach, and author and owner of Studios Fuse in Lincoln Park to come into her fitness studio to promote skin health.  I am also looking for spas and estheticians who are looking to use Royal Velouttè and become a Royal partner. I now offer professional use sizes for this purpose. There are so many more amazing things I have instore for my brand and of course The Look Chicago will be the first to hear about it!

Contact Information:

Owner: Lakeisha Adams

Facebook: Royal Veloutté Skincare

Instagram: Royal_Veloutte_Skincare

Email: royalveloutteskincare@gmail.com

Phone: 708-298-5559

Website: www.royalveloutteskincare.com

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