LOOKprenuer Partner Ardis Tyler

LOOKprenuer Partner Ardis Tyler

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Ardis! We are excited for the world to learn why we cant stop LOOKing at you! Let’s start by telling them who you are. 
I am the Owner/ Operator of A+ Rich Butter Cafe’.  Currently, I offer over 16 Flavors of Butter Cookies, Custom Cookies, Custom Cupcakes, Gourmet Cupcakes, Gourmet Strawberries, and Custom Rice Krispie Treats

I cant imagine how much work goes into operating this type of business. Who or What keeps you motivated when you feel discouraged? My faith in God keeps me motivated when I feel discouraged.

I love it! What advice would you give entrepreneurs about the importance of patience and timing? Patience and timing go hand in hand. I think once you master having patience you will be Ok and understand that anything built to last will take time.

I Believe that we are all born with special gifts and talents which gives us our own unique super powers. What would you say your LOOKprenuer Super Powers are? My LOOKprenuer Super Powers are keeping a smile on my face and always being approachable to help and be a resource for the new entreprenuers. 

What have been some your proudest moments in your career journey? My proudest moments in my career journey are countless.  I can’t count all the times I’ve made people smile with my cookies. Its such an amazing feeling!

Thats Awesome. Tell us something most people don’t know about You? Most people don’t know I can be shy at times.

Really ok. What is something that is assumed about you that is far from the truth? I smile all the time and People often assume I am ALWAYS happy. However, my smile is the God in me that allows me to smile no matter what I Maybe going through personally.

Thats great! Now lets have some fun. Tell us something funny about you? Sometimes I am goofy. I laugh at things that are silly.

Lol we have that in common. Before we wrap things up lets talk a little about your brand. What Would you like people to know about it? I want people to know that I am constantly looking for ways to improve. Quality and Customer satisfaction is very important to me. I want to make sure my brand is being built to last for generations to come. 

Ok now leave up with a LOOKclusive. What can we expect from your brand in the coming months? This year you can expect expansion and growth. I can’t wait to wow you. 

Contact Info:

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest   @aplusrichbuttercafe
YouTube @Ardis’sRichButterCafe’

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