It's depression, dummy

You sometimes read articles trying to help people navigate the difference between regular sadness and depression. Or how to determine when a situational “depression” (for lack of a better word) is no longer applicable. When a trigger of grief or trauma or emotional upheaval has transcended into something chemical, something that has crossed a line.... Read more »

Love and Sex: My primary addiction

I wanted this blog to be anonymous so I could be as personal as I wanted to be; so I could be as truthful and as real as I wanted to be. I don’t necessarily mean graphic, but I mean vulnerable. Able to feel like I can blog without mincing words. Because I’m never good... Read more »

Things that affect you from the neck up

I was standing around a recovery meeting the other night, talking about this or that. Somehow, the age-old topic came up — the lunatic fringe of people and groups who think they are doing sobriety some favor; bringing some honor to the “traditional” way of the early 12-step groups by telling group members that they... Read more »

And Here. We. Go.

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years; mostly in a take-me-as-I am/memoir/journal/stream-of-consciousness format. Sometimes, I’ve written for online blogs like Chicagoist, or contributed articles to various publications. But by and large, it’s been me, talking about the world and myself. What you see is what you get. This will be no different. I’ve started writing... Read more »