Dana's Divine-3rd annual House Club Tour Pub Crawl back at it June 28, 2017

Dana's Divine-3rd annual House Club Tour Pub Crawl back at it June 28, 2017
Songstress, Radio Personality and Entreprenuer-Dana Divine.

The house music community is all warmed up for this year’s installation of the House Club Tour Pub Crawl.  The founder-Dana Divine took a moment in her busy day to speak about it and her historical contributions to house music and culture.

How did you get your name Dana Divine?
Well, my husband calls me Dana Divine-that’s initially where I got the name.  There are several different versions of the Dana moniker-and what those are-define when people got to know me-all reflecting how and when you showed up in my life.

Since your career started in entertainment-was Dana Divine how you entered the marketplace?
Originally, at first I started just as Dana.  I put a couple records out as Dana-and my first house record.  Then started doing contemporary gospel music and became known as Dana Divine.  With this combination of styles-Dana Divine sounded more appropriate.

What’s your affiliation with WGCI?
I had a 10 year career with IHeart media-my first real foray into radio.  There was my media background, then some television and then radio.  I truly enjoy radio and believe more radio is in my future.

However, as songwriter this is where radio found me.  Having written quite a few house music records-I have about 45 recordings out.  As a matter of fact-there’s a new song out called “Let Freedom Ring“.  Returning to a happy place-the focus is back to songwriting and making music.

What type of house music is your specialty?
As a house artist-soulful house.  My new release-“Let Friend Ring” is definitely a soulful track.  But if you asked me-I can write country, R&B et al.-because most songs come from a place-there a muse in the music.  Whatever the muse you can make one song a hundred different ways.  A good solid song is a good solid song. 

Some songs lyrics are so strong and tell such a great story-you can do anything with it.  And then some have such great music-not much lyrically is required for it to be a great record.

But it depends on the combination-to make a hit record.  There is a combination that does make it great.  I believe I have what it takes to make a hit record.  Starting with a song I wrote called “Brighter Days” that’s a classic.  Then with the gospel song “Slide”-that’s another classic.

Brighter Days I wrote on a hot summer day with no air conditioning in my car.  Was invited to record with the producer Casual in his air conditioned studio-which was an inspiration for me to stay and write all day.  And that created a hit.

What made you think about doing the upcoming House Club Tour Pub Crawl?
My husband and I-have an annual date night and a few years back we went to the jazz club crawl.  The jazz crawl kicked off the jazz fest and blues fest.  My husband asked-why not do one for house music?  And then we did it.  In cooperation with my girl Rhonda Flowers-marketing guru.  And that was that.

The first two years have been a hit and we are looking to get bigger and bigger-with more clubs more buses-than the previous years.


It’s a fun night out.  We play house music on the buses.  Inside each venue we have DJ’s.  While waiting in line there’s house.  It’s house music all night long, for real.

Taking place June 28th from 6pm-Midnite.  There are 12 locations across the city with 22 buses-so it starts wherever you start.  At your chosen initial stop you receive a button-which is your ticket to ride and crawl on and off all night.  So plan your route along with your favorite DJs and food.   You get to meet people-it’s a great networking event as well.

It’s just really fun!

Go purchase tickets today at www.houseclubtour.com




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