Studio Paris Offers The Best In House Music-On Deck-DJ Rick Rude

Studio Paris Offers The Best In House Music-On Deck-DJ Rick Rude

On location at Paris Club-one of Chicago’s hottest restaurants and dance clubs known as Studio Paris-I had a sit down with LA’s DJ Rick Rude.  In town for his residency with Studio Paris-Studio Sessions-we talked about what got him started and what makes him tick.

How did you come up with the name Rick Rude?
Growing up in Boston I didn’t have a DJ name when I was like 15 and was doing a party and the host on the microphone said Rick Rude Boy dropping the next song.  He was speaking with a Jamaican accent at this club there.  When he did this I looked at him-like what does that mean-not having a name at that time.

The next day my friend was like-why don’t you make that your DJ name and I said yeah-it’s kind of catchy so lets do it.  I had grown up with a lot of friends who were into reggae and hip hop so it just stuck.

What brings you to Chicago?
I’ve been coming to Chicago to work for Studio Paris for over a year now.  I come in and play my set once or twice a month for the Mellman Family-who own a number of clubs here-including this one.

What do you think about the scene here?
It’s amazing…it’s the birthplace of house music.  Just Friday night I opened up for Green Velvet…in LA.  So I was just blown away to be doing that gig with him being from Chicago.  It was one of the best gigs I had-in my life.

How did you get into DJing and production?
I started going to these under 21 parties when I was a kid and I’d always be watching the DJs wondering what they were doing.  And one day I saved up money and had my dad drive me to go get turntables and from then was locked up in my room (practicing)-learning to mix and scratch.  I’ve been doing this for over 10 years-being that I’m only 25.

What do you think has fueled the popularity of house music outside of Chicago?
It’s what’s in pop music right now.  House music producers are making pop singles with pop stars.  It only fluctuates in waves of popularity between hip hop and house.

All the power to the guys that make pop hits as house music producers.  It only makes underground producers strive as well-people like myself trying to play those type of parties as well.

When you’re playing the Paris Club-what can we expect from your set?
I love Chicago house music-deep house music-that’s what I play-it will have some influences from Green Velvet and Derrick Carter.

I love hip hop too-so there will be some hip hop mixed in there-to please the crowd.

What upcoming projects do you have on tap for next year?
I’m working on a bunch of original productions now.  Hopefully within the next year or two-I should have a few records signed.  I’m thinking about starting my own label.  And Jesse Rhodes is interested in signing one of my tracks for his label “Made To Play”-underground house music.


2013 looks to be a good one for the Chicago house music scene and DJs like Rick Rude.  What makes it so appealing-is the quality of their sets and the venue.  Studio Paris at Paris Club is one of the best venues in the city with a  sexy crowd that is in the place to be!


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