Tika Sumpter Sparkles As Host of Dwyane Wade's Championship Celebration at Hard Rock Chicago

Tika Sumpter Sparkles As Host of Dwyane Wade's Championship Celebration at Hard Rock Chicago
Tika Sumpter Hosts Wade's World Championship Celebration

On location at the Hard Rock-patiently waiting as the celebration cranked up-out comes Tika Sumpter of the new hit movie Sparkle and host for the Wade’s World Foundation Talent Show and Championship Celebration.  I’ve met some very interest people in my time interviewing artists-and what stood out to my was her energy-which was quite amazing-this young actress has been touched by something special…and in the brief moments we had to speak-this is what she had to say.

How did you get involved with the Dwayne Wade Foundation?
Well, I was honored when they asked me to host the talent show recently and when I found out what it was about-I was like of course!  I was going to do it anyway but-more so because I love the initiatives that he has started with literacy, anti-bullying project and with providing children supplies they need to go back to school-he providing actual back to school materials for them.

He’s just trying to come back to the community and give.  He came out of the south side of Chicago, and I think that’s pretty amazing that he has come back as a star to try and life other people out.  So, I can only praise that and push behind it.

Being from Queens, New York…how did you get started?
I was born in Queens, raised in Long Island and growing up I saw the Cosby Show at the age of 5 is when it began.  I saw Rudy and thought…”I want to do that!”

I then literally started from the ground up-going to cattle calls in New York City-just really wanting it passionately and  going to classes and things like that and then here I am now.

You’re starring in Sparkle…what was that like being on set with all those stars?
Being on the set with Whitney Houston was pretty amazing.  It’s every little girls dream-to have any participation in anything Whitney Houston is involved in-it was a blessing to be on set.  It was an amazing product to work on with all the great actors.

How would you advise other young girls who have the same dreams as you once had?
Be patient and wait for your opportunity.  If you’re too young to go on your own or with someone-once you become a teenager then go for it.  Look, you’ll find a way if you’re passionate about it and figure it out.

That’s what I did…worked at a movie theater-made my own little money-took the train to New York City-was told “no” a million times and then finally got a yes-and started from there!

From movie theater to movie star-Tika Sumpter got it going on!

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