Disco's newest protoge Kid Color-making his mark on the Chicago music scene.

Disco's newest protoge Kid Color-making his mark on the Chicago music scene.
Disco's newest protoge-Kid Color

Fresh off is first performance at Lollapolooza, this California import is making Chicago his house.  It always good to see new blood push the music forward and we had a chance to talk about this on-site.

Kid Color, where you from?
I’m originally from Newport Beach, CA and I moved out to Chicago five years ago to pursue DJing and go to Columbia College.

How did you get into house. electronica and disco?
I feel like over time I’ve been realizing-my first early cassettes I bought as a youngster was this type of music-Jock Jams, Ace of Base.  So that whole era of electronic of dance music-was instilled in my subconscious.  Like this idea of dancing.  And I always loved to dance wherever I could-even at prom I’d be dancing and grinding.

Honestly, I used to intern at filter magazine-when in high school.  In my senior year they sent to the this music festival in downtown LA and I saw my first DJ perform like an artist.  It was at that point-after collecting all kinds of music-I decided to use it all to pursue DJing-it all made sense and came together.

Overtime my tastes just matured.  I looked at a lot of DJ sets with Justice and LA Sound System and a lot of those guys were playing disco in a lot of their sets and I thought that was a really cool look.  So when I finally came to Chicago I was able to learn the history of disco-through DJ’s like Larry Levan.

The underground house disco scene is all about putting in your time.  And that’s what I love about it.  Every year you’ve got to take a look back and see yourself making progress, mentally and where you are in your career.

How did you choose to focus on disco vs house?
Well, you know disco is the precursor to house-but it’s definitely different.  At the time in high-school before I decided to pursue DJing-I played guitar and live instruments.  And this is one of the reasons why disco intrigued me so much-having a band perform and giving off this energy.  It was something I really could relate to-I knew the live feeling.  I wasn’t in any big bands but I performed-and felt that connection was already made.

And I don’t want to say I choose disco over house.  I’m producing more to house-because I have matured-and I needed to know disco before knowing what house could be.  By understanding house and where it came from in disco-I feel I can produce it now decently-because of this knowledge and understanding.

Anything I produce now I want to give a live organic feel to it.

I have a three song EP coming out and that’s what I’m really excited about.  That’s my way of marking what I’m really trying to go for in my music.

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