With Kindred The Family Soul-Love Has No Recession

With Kindred The Family Soul-Love Has No Recession

On location at The Shrine, just before going on stage-I was speaking with the Philadelphia duo-Kindred The Family Soul to discuss the secrets of their success.

So, let’s talk about Kindred and The Family Soul.
(It’s) Kindred The Family Soul, no “and”.  There is no ‘and’ because people always equate Kindred The Family Soul to Sly and The Family Stone-and automatically call us Kindred and the Family Soul.

How did the group come together?
We were married and my husband was working a 9 to 5 after years of us growing up in the music industry.  I grew up in DC and my husband-Philly.

After years in the business, we got married and had a child and he was doing a regular gig and lost his job.  The idea of forming the group came home with him that day.  He said to me, we should do what we love and I was like sure!  And basically, that is how we started the group.

Obviously, we have the same passion in terms of music; we both have been doing music since we were kids.  It the only job either of us have really had, sans a little stint at Wendy’s off and on when we were sixteen or something like that.

How long have you two been together?
This is the fourteenth year of marriage for us come September.

Did you always have the same taste in music?
We like a lot of the same music and enjoy a lot of the same artists.  And we were you know already kind of creatively matched.  Because we came together as individuals-when we tried to come together collectively we wanted to come up with a name that said who we were before people saw us.  So that people would understand the group was centered on family, unity and things of that nature.  We felt the word Kindred was synonymous with all those things and we added The Family Soul later to further identify that’s who we were and the type of music we do.

What was happening in Philadelphia that allowed your Soul group to prosper when you started?
There’s such a rich tradition of music coming out of Philly…the Sound of Philadelphia, Philly International Records, Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Patti LaBelle, the Ojay’s…all of these groups are from Philadelphia.  We’ve grown up around the music, along with the musicians and artists.  We were mentored by some of the people had made this great music.  So naturally, we were going to come out and make music by those people who we were inspired by.

We try to stay true to the tradition and continue to bring it forward.

In Philly, what are one of two songs that when played really gets the crowd jumping?
The Philly ones are,  Ain’t No Stopping Us Now and Before I Let Go.  The DC ones are Before I Let You Go and Bustin’ Loose.

Your most recent Album, Love Has No Recession…what was the motivation behind this project?
We made it when there was a recession.  The recession was the motivator.  It was a difficult time in our country, and a difficult time in our world.  When we were making the record we wanted to express that love is something intangible-it’s not like money and can just wane away or dry up per se.  If you continue to nurture it and keep it alive and work on it-it can last throughout your life and into the next life.

Love is something that will be self sustaining, and that is going to hold on.  And our love has been holding on through difficult times, so we wanted to express that.

So as a couple you all feed the relationship equally?  Do you have any suggestions for couples on how to sustain a relationship?

I don’t think anything-everyday is equal.  Some days it’s 70/30…some days it’s 40/60.  I think we always just go with the flow.  I don’t think life is like that where everything is on an even keel.  It is what it is.  I know that I can depend on him and he knows he can depend on me.  And it’s a beautiful thing.

With Kindred The Family Soul-Love Has No Recession.

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