All Aboard-DJ Joachim Garraud's Dub-Step Spaceship-Dance Like a Space Invader.

All Aboard-DJ Joachim Garraud's Dub-Step Spaceship-Dance Like a Space Invader.
Joachim Garraud-Rocking Spaceship-Space Invaders

After turning out another incredible performance in Chicago at Soldiers Field and Spring Awakening-I sat down with DJ/Producer Joachim Garraud to catch up on what been going on since the last time we spoke in 2011 at Lollapalooza.

So what did you think of your amazing performance and the audience’s response?
That was crazy again.  Chicago is crazy!!!

Today I saw something special that I never saw before…all the tent was moving.  Because everyone was jumping at the same time.  All the structure was moving and that was intense.  The promoter came to me and said,”Joachim-calm down a little bit-we’re afraid the audience is going to bring down the tent.”  The people were so excited-moving-it was like wow!

I wasn’t expecting the crowd to react like that.

Chicago is one of my favorite places to play-because people are very educated in music.  House music came from Chicago-and the electronic culture here is big-compared to Las Vegas or Los Angeles.  This city is great-and the people enjoy and love to make big party.

It seems like there is more theater in your performance than ever before.
Now, it’s a show.  A bit like Phantom of the Opera.

And you know, I have different hats.  I love technology.  And I love entertainment.  And when you have such a crowd like this-I want to bring them with me in a trip-in a journey.  So if you have video, choreography, masks, design-people for one hour will travel with you like a spaceship.  I like to bring them in my spaceship and the mother spaceship was in Chicago today.  And I like to make the travel-just by enjoying the show.

When do you know the audience is ready to board the spaceship so you can take them on a trip?
When you see all the people hands up in the air and smiling like this-that’s it-that’s boarding time.

The Space Invaders(masking)-where did you get that concept from?
I was looking for a concept-international-more than international-like universal.  And the Space Invaders really fit well with the type of music I’m playing-electro-linked to the video.

I’m a kid from that generation of video games-from the 80’s.  So it made sense for me to use this kind of thing.  I’m very excited about this logo(Space Invaders).  It could be a girl or a boy…a man in China, a girl in Mississippi-there is no question of race-skin color-and I love that.  Electronic music is that-no color-skin-no racism-no religion.  So after Chicago is New York then Ibiza and people will enjoy the same, then I will go to Asia and people will enjoy the same-the Space Invaders culture along with electronica-is universal.

You had a new album come out this year called Hillside-tell us about that.
Yeah, Hillside West-this is on Dim Mak-Steve Aoki’s label.  This is great because it is like electro-dub step tracks-and when we were released we were #1 on iTunes in Europe-which was a big surprise for me.

And the new single is going to be released in the next few days and we are very excited about this.

There are seven tracks on the US version.  And it took about 5 weeks in the studio to produce-once we got started it was non-stop everyday.
DJ Joachim Garraud is the captain-when you have the chance-board his spaceship-Space Invaders-you will surely enjoy the trip!

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