Spring Awakening Music Festival Cometh Courtesy of Impresario Pat Grumley & Co.

Spring Awakening Music Festival Cometh Courtesy of Impresario Pat Grumley & Co.
Spring Awakening Music Festival at Soldiers Field-June 16th and 17th

Chicago’s own Pat Grumley along with his friends are ready to set the stage this weekend featuring the city’s first all electronica, all day outdoor music festival.  And get this…the party won’t stop ’til round midnite…touchdown!!!

Pat, how did you get started producing events like the one coming up June 16th at Soldiers Field-called Spring Awakening Music Festival?

Oh, that’s a long story.  I started throwing parties in college, booking different DJs to come play, doing covers at the door and then eventually went on to start working with radio stations doing bigger events on campus.

From there I went on to work with an agent in LA and he knew that eventually I wanted to come back to Chicago-so he put me in contact with a company out here-who did mainly trance events which were really popular.  From this I started doing hip hops shows and partnered with Lucas King-one of the owners of The Mid and we started to do larger shows at the Congress Theatre.

We noticed from the different events we did-that our crowds were going in the same direction and then decided to partner with the founders of North Coast Music Festival and now we have created the Spring Awakening Music Festival.

This was kind the evolution of things.  We all worked closely together and used these partnerships to build these music festivals-starting initially as smaller promoters and you know-moving on to bigger stuff.

Will this be the first year for the Spring Awakening?
Yes, this will be the first year-doing it outside.  We have done the Spring Awakening music festival in past years but it was done inside at the Congress Theater-having sold out two years in a row.  And in light of this-we decided to take it outside.

What can people attending the show expect this year at Soldiers Field?
Spring Awakening will be the first all electronica, all day music festival in Chicago.  It’s something that we felt the city was ready for based on it’s music history and we’re just happy to be a part of making it happen.

The festival will start at noon each day and end at 11:30pm.  Our two headliners will be Skrillex performing on Saturday and Afrojack on the mainstay Sunday.

Attendees will be offered a main stage-bigger than what you find at North Coast Music Festival.  Along with quite a few experiential things along the way for guests to enjoy throughout.  And for the first time at Soldiers Field-we’ll be able to play until 11:30pm: and this hasn’t been done before-at any of the park district locales throughout the city.  Most outdoor festivals have to shut down at 10pm or earlier and we are being allowed to go until just before midnite.

To be staging this festival at Soldiers Field is an honor for us-because we’re all from Chicago.  We’ve all been to the Bears games at Soldier Fields-and it feels like a culmination for us-to stage the Spring Awakening as such an historic venue.

The city has been poised to host and experience an electronica event like this.  Overseas in Europe and parts of Latin America-electronica outdoor festivals have exploded-much to the fact that Chicago- originated and then exported house/electronic music to these parts of the world-and they ran with it.  Now it has come back full circle and I expect this party to rock to in the house we call Soldier Field.

Be there!

For event details and ticket information visit:


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