The Revolutionary RES-was All Natural and Unleashed at The Shrine

The Revolutionary RES-was All Natural and Unleashed at The Shrine
RES host of Curls Unleashed Beauty Bar at The Shrine

In this 2nd installment of the “Curls Unleashed Beauty Bar”, soul songstress RES was in town to host the All Natural: An Artist’s Workshop at The Shrine.  Being a fan of her music since the release her infectious dance single “They Say” it was a pleasure having the opportunity to chat with her on all things natural and unleashed.

So what brings you to Chicago and The Shrine?
I’m here to host the All Natural: (An Artists Workshop) event.  It’s sponsored by Curls Unleashed and I’m the special guest host.

What does “All Natural” mean to you?
All Natural means living a natural lifestyle.  Definitely I always think of hair and stuff like that, with all natural meaning no weaves, (fake)braids no (artificial) coloring-just you actually liking what you look like without anybody else’s help accept God.

All Natural is like being I’m going to wear my hair how it naturally comes out-free to self style-with no chemicals used to change it from it’s natural state.

From my days as a DJ, I’ve been down with RES since your dance single “They Say” was released back in 2001. 

Yes, that track was done by Robbie Rivera.  I just got a track from him recently because he wants to work with me again.  He, Roger Sanchez and I are all in cahoots on some new stuff coming soon.

What’s your vibe on the music scene compared to when your track “They Say” was released?
I left if all in Robbie’s hands-to be honest.  At the time I wasn’t really as well versed on house and dance music at all-definitely not as much as I am-especially now that it is taking over.

You know it seems like those are the best parties to go to now, because those are ones where people dance for the music and that’s it.

I noticed when attending a Danny Kravitz party in New York-it was the best because everyone it there just dancing.  They dance like no one is watching.  And the music is going from Stevie Wonder to everybody who you don’t think do dance music but they really do-just good music.  Those are the really good parties where people just dance and now  I’m more conscious about it.

What can fans expect from you going forward?
Well, actually they can look forward to a lot of things.  Coming this summer I will be releasing some music called Refried Mac-it’s an EP cover of my favor Fleetwood Mac songs.  I also have a group with Twalib Kweli called Idle Warship-that album is out right now called Habits of the Heart-which you can buy to download at iTunes.

They say revolutionaries change the world for the better-RES is one to be unleashed for all to enjoy.  Now I want to know-where can I find her new tracks on vinyl!

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