Miguel Performs at The Shrine-A Rising Icon Both Scandalous and Romantic

Miguel Performs at The Shrine-A Rising Icon Both Scandalous and Romantic
Miguel at the Shrine-Grey Goose Entertainment Presents Rising Icons

On location at the Shrine for Grey Goose Entertainment Presents “Rising Icons” tour-I had the chance to speak with the headlining act-Grey Goose Rising Icon simply known as Miguel.  Headlining a soulful and scandalous evening at the Shrine-although he goes by just one name-his music portends an artist set to rise as high as he wants to be-and this speaks for itself.

Have you had the opportunity to perform in Chicago before?
Yeah, I’ve played here a couple times.  Once with Usher on the “OMG” tour and once with Mary(J. Blige).  I’ve also had a few smaller appearances here and there.  But I’ve never had the chance to bring my full band out-so I’m really excited about tonight.

What can the audience expect from your show?
In total there a 6 members of my band including me-you’ve got bass, keys, drums and electronica.  I would describe my show as being scandalous and romantic with all the major emotions you’d experience during great sex.

Based out of Los Angeles-how did your career get started?
I started doing music when I was 14 and it took me until I was 21 to get signed with Jive Records.  ‘All I Want Is You’ was my first record that got released and that was last year.  And I just turned 25-so it has been over an 11 year journey to get to this point.

In between those years I did a lot of growing up obviously.  I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to write for a few notable artists and I’m most excited about the building process that has been taking place-ever since the first single.  I released my first album-“All I Want Is You”-and I’ve been in the midst of touring for the past year convincing one fan at a time-if that is what it takes.

How many tracks are on the album?
The album is twelve songs all completely written by myself.  I also produced the in-between songs or interludes on the album.  On the next album I will have a lot more to do with the production-I am a producer as well. A lot of the music that is on this album was made some time ago-in collaboration with some producers and artists who were on the same wave length.

Is there a particular song on the album that you feel defines you as an artist?
I think the album as a body of work is the best representation.  To take one song and try and embody any artist is really tough.  I would like to say my show-the album-my vibe would be described as scandalous and romantic.

How did your latest single “Quickie” come to be?
I wrote that song to a completely different sound.  The lyrics were all mine and the melody-those were my contributions to the song.  How it is now vs. how it originated-it is completely different.  The sound of it originally was really sparse, gritty-but it was electronic too.  Originally, it was a completely different vibe.

After meeting the production team Fisticuffs-who had the largest contribution as far as production goes on the album-I gave them the vocal files and they produced around it.  I think their interpretation of the feeling behind the music as far as production goes was a  great marriage.

What was it like being nominated and awarded Best New Artist at the Soul Train Awards?
That was my very first accolade.  I knew I was up for the category-but I didn’t realize they were going to announce it as soon as they did.  And it really caught me off guard-but when I won-it really caught me off guard.  When I received the award I shared the stage with Earth, Wind and Fire; Cee-Lo; industry friends and  colleagues.  To be in the midst of so much talent-just the spirit of it was amazing.  Hands down this is my favorite awards show.

What are your musical influences?
I’ve got quite a few musical influences.  It spans from Funk and Soul to Classic Rock, from Jimi Hendrix to Prince and Funkadelic, Issac Hayes to the Police and Freddie Mercury, from Tribe Called Quest to Andre 3000.  Man, I could go on for days.

For those who get to catch my show you will get to see all those influences.

And the truth don’t lie-Miguel put on an outstanding show for someone at this stage in his career.  Grey Goose got it right-he’s definitely a Rising Icon.

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