The Kids These Days were tearing it up at Lolla!

How could I not have a sit down with a Chicago original product.  Relatively new to the scene-Kids These Days were in effect at Lollapalooza performing on Friday-then following up that show with an afterparty performance at Hard Rock Cafe.  In todays world of electronic gadetry to produce music-it was most refreshing to see an actually group of musician get together to form a band and that’s just what these Kids have done.

How did the the Kids These Days get started?

The band was at started at music school and it began with Liam(bass), Lane(guitar) and Nico(trumpet)-who wanted to form one.  Being at the same school we got together and started jamming-making music and knowing other musical people is how it came together.

What made you all decided to not take the easy way out and actually play instruments?

The school that we went to was all about instrumental performance, being focused and studying hard on the intricasies of your instrument.  And it wasn’t any question whether we would bring electronics into the mix-we just got together in Liam’s basement and started jamming out.  We’re trying to bring back-the days were artists formed actual bands-the new trend is to go back to the old and listen to the Sam Cookes, the Otis Reddings, the Stevie Wonders-and playing music again-not just sitting behind your computer screen clicking a mouse.

At the end of the day its about the sounds that your making and the music your creating.  It’s all about finding your own voice.  Be you and be genuine to the craft.

When you put on a show what can people expect to see?

A party on stage, party in the audience it’s a party everywhere when we play.  We just bring a crazy amount of energy-that’s what we really pride ourselves on-we like to make our shows fun and at the same time give a good musical performance.

How has your experience been performing at Lollapalooza?

We love this crowd.  The crowd is impeccable…when we first got here they were trickling in-but they came together pretty quickly and it grew to three times as big.  It all pretty amazing that we’re all from Chicago-playing for one of the most dope festivals around and it happens to be here.  It was incredible-the interaction between the music and the crowd today was snapping and getting off.

Let’s talk about the hip-hop element with the rapper in the group.

Well, me and Nico have been best friends since we were little.  We both grew up on hip hop together-even before I was rapping and he was playing jazz-we were doing graffiti running around the city have fun doing hip hop ish.  So when they put together the original ensemble he thought to hit me up because I was doing solo hip hop stuff at the time.  I came through and started spitting-where as I originally just rapping being a part of the group made me more of a  musician.  But at the end of the day-the way I use my voice is similar to how the other members use their instrument-we’re an 8 piece band with 8 instruments-mine is vocal.


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