Kerli brings her Army of Love to Lollapalooza and has everyone Walking on Air.

What makes Lollapalooza one of the best festivals around is the breadth of high quality acts that are featured on any given day.  You really have to try hard-not to find something you like from the many artist performing.  I have a love for dance music-and there was an artist who I was officially introduced to who is really really good…her name is Kerli.

Originally being from Estonnia-let’s talk about your growth and development as an artist from this part of the world.

Actually, how I got started was kind of like a very unrelated story of who I am today as an artist.  I won the Baltic States Idol when I was fourteen.  I was too young to enter the competition-but I lied about my age and got in.  And won and got a record deal as a prize.  You know I didn’t release an album at that time-but I needed to go out and experience and learn to write.  So it feels very unrelated to who I am write now-but that’s how I got started.

I feel amazing representing my country…there’s never really been any people breaking out of Estonnia before.  The couple of people that have-have done stuff in Europe and I have immense respect for them.  But it feels great to go back home and play shows to a lot of people.  At the end of August I’m about to headline a big Independence Day Festival which celebrates our country being freed from Soviet occupation-and we’re expecting about 70,000 people.

So the genre of music is dance music that you do-did this come naturally to you?

At first when you listen to my album its more rock.  But I kind of gradually got more in to that.  I went to electric daisy last year and got so inspired by this vibe-I love the rave scene.  I never really loved dance music before but I’m growing into it.  When you go to these type of events you just see it’s all about love, celebrating life.  Nobody asks if you’re straight or gay-where you’re from-black/white.  It was about celebrating life and I felt really close to that.

I just saw your show-what was your experience performing on stage here at Lollapalooza?

It was amazing.  I never used to make this kind of music to perform.  I was always like really introverted-like epic-kind of like Evanesence-I always get compared to her.  And now that I’m performing like “Army of Love” and music like that-there’s so much love.  For me as a performer-the experience is so different cause I get sooo much from the audience.  And I never understood that before-it’s a complete energy exchange.  You give just a little bit and you get so much back.

Who inspires you musically?

Mostly like rad chicks-Bjork-artists like her.  I love Icelandic music.  I love a lot of the rave people-like Wolfgang Gardner, Aphex Twin…and I’m super  super inspired by the whole UK 90’s scene like Prodigy-these are like my dream collabs.

So you’re based out of Los Angeles…what’s it like living in  La La?

I love La La…I think La La is exactly the kind of place where you can make whatever you want of it.  So you can find the cheese in it and you can find the amazingness in it.  I love doing yoga and fresh air…I eat all organic.  I’m a big kind of hippie.  I’ve got amazing friends.  I have a studio in my house-so on my balcony I can pretend I’m playing a stadium and zone off and be in my own bubble.

Last but not least…love your fashion sense are you your own stylist?

Yes, and I make everything I wear.  I made the kicks.  I made the skirt.  I am a designer. Because what I do is so much fun when I have time I make clothes for gigs to come.  I have a craft studio and recording studio in my apartment-so it’s like a mad house.  You can see me  in the Army of Love video at work making things-I’ve got like five mini-episodes doing that in the video.

Based on the audience response to her show-I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Kerli here in Chicago.  For more information be sure to check her out at

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