Joachim Garruard brought down the house at Perry's Music Stage-Lolla Francaise!

On set with Joachim Garraud after turning it out at the Perry’s Music Stage at Lolla.

Joachim-coming in to Chicago what did you expect for today’s show?

Coming to Lollapalooza for the 20th anniversary was very exciting to me from a long time ago.  To be on stage for me behind the decks is like a DJ show-but to play with keyboards, video with everything synchonized-is a brand new level of doing a show.  And I was so happy today through roof go up and everybody went jumping…I was like what the hell is that?  Today I think was one of my best gigs ever in the US.

You played quite a number of hot tracks…was this programmed in advance?

No I did it on the go.  As a DJ I was waiting on the next track- and I had the feeling the audience was very excited about sharing the next song with me so I fed off that.  I was very excited to play some songs from the past to really link with the house music in Chicago choosing songs featuring producers from the area.  I was very quick to make this history because the set time was really short.  You have to go quick from one track to the next.  And I repeat today was one of my best days ever!

Perry’s Music stage could be it’s on festival it was so big this year.  Did you feel the same?

Well, Perry is a clever guy and I felt that.  He’s so talented.  When I met him, by luck I made a track with him-coming out on Ultra.  And when we met he proposed that I be on stage with him at Lollapalooza and I was like let’s do it!  And you’re right…today’s stage was a festival into a festival with very good spirit.  The Perry spirit is a good one.

Discuss your album collaboration with Perry.

You know one of my hats…today you saw the live DJ show hat.  I am also a producer, writing songs…I am a composer.  So I wrote a lot of tracks for many people like David Guetta and Deep Dish-a lot of guys.  So I was very lucky to produce the last Perry Farrell album to be released at the end of this month and I wrote 11 tracks for him.  We made a cool mix between pop, rock and electro sounds.

We met two years ago when he was looking for producers-and because I had worked with David Guetta which is big in the US-he came to me and asked if I could right just one song.  We made one song and said man this is fuckin’ good let’s do another one…two three four five and at the end it was 11 songs and we put the album together.  So I am very excited about it’s release.

What’s your vision on the pop dance music sound here in the US and France?

Actually we have a lot of good things coming into the electronic music stage.  We have a lot of inputs coming-for example with Perry we have the Rock and Pop input, with Black Eyed Peas we have the R&B and Black Music inputs and now you can feel something with the new mix of electro sounds from Europe and the American music culture-rock, pop, black-so we are on the verge of a new sound.

How did you get into DJing and Producing?

When I was young I started to learn piano and drums in school.  I had a classical music education.  I learned how to write music at school.  And at the time to be cool-when you are 16 playing classical composers-my friend were like what is this music you are doing.  At the same time I was DJing.  I have two loves in my life-music and machine.  So when I can use both passions to do one-using computers to make music-that was a dream to me.  So I got into producing-remixing and step by step-I met a lot of people and began to make music for them.  So I think it very comfortable to make music during the day and then at night play your music…it makes senses. 

Right now I’m in the middle of a Summer DJ Tour-so every day I’m off to a different gig…today I’m in Chicago, tomorrow-Vegas and after Vegas-Ibiza-then Dubai and back to Brazil and I’ll be back in the US for the Electric Zoo Tour in September.  So that means every night I’m testing the production I made during the day.  So if you have an American dancing to your track one day, someone from Japan the next and then someone from Brazil-then you know the track is going to be good.  I can test the track live before releasing.  Every gig I’m trying to optimize the track.  And once it’s perfected I’ll put it on an album or give it to someone else.  C’est La Vie.

Bon Vie Joachim!  Bon Vie!



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