Conversations with Estelle-I give you "All of Me" please don't "Break my Heart"

At the Hard Rock Hotel with Estelle discussing her new single “Break My Heart and her upcoming album “All of Me”-leading up to her kickoff performance for the Wade’s World Foundation.

Estelle you have a lot going on right now with the new single “Break My Heart”.  What was the inspiration for this song?

“Break My Heart” is the first single off my new album “All of Me”.  It’s been a minute so, yes!  

It was a song I said to my ex-boyfriend. I was kind of demanding a little bit more from myself.  You know, it was to say in a relationship I am somebody versus…ok, you’re cute so let’s just go together.  And it was just because I’ve been hurt so many times in the past.  I want to trust you and I’m being honest, I don’t know nothing about trust because I’ve been done bad so much.  And I’ve done bad-so let’s start this on a real level…I don’t know you…tell me why.

So that’s what inspired this song.  It was me literally saying I’m willing to trust you…but please don’t mess with me.

What can we expect from the new album “All of Me”?

All of me.  In the studio I was going to do so much the past three years.  I was on the road singing “American Boy” working and had to be happy all the time because that song is so happy.  Meanwhile my life is falling down.  Everybody in my family was losing it.  My boyfriend at that time was losing it.  Everybody, my friends…people who I was in love with… were in a crazy place.

And I had to get out there everyday and be like…hey(and put a smile on).  On those days, when I didn’t feel like it-I would go into the studio and record.  I’d start writing.  And this is the product of what that was.  It was a three year process-to help pull me through. 

I wanted it to give me my worth, give me my personality and grow me into a better woman.  And I think I’ve graduated because the album is done.

It a total of 12 tracks-it is exactly what Estelle does.  Everything single song is so real.  Every single song is like, yeah I remember that-really vivid.  I remember singing and crying through this …being happy through this…doing pushups through this one.  Fighting people not wanting to sing…fighting myself and those who normally had my best interests.

You’re also here this weekend for the Dwayne Wade Foundation?

Yeah!  We’re kicking it off.  We will be performing tonight-kicking off the performances and I’m excited.  It’s the first time me being embraced by Dwyane Wade and his team.  And it’s been a minute since I’ve done a show in Chicago-it was three years ago when I did my last show at the House of Blues-we packed that out and I couldn’t believe the support I get from Chicago.

Well, I have to say it was a delight speaking with Estelle regarding her new projects.  If her new album is all she says it is-then I’m ready to get my copy and tickets to her next show!  This lady knows how to rock the house!

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