UR SuperModels "Wild Orchid" Celebrity Fashion Show Benefit was not to be missed...

Sunday night the scene was set at the Architectural Artifacts Museum.  Asha Spacek-UR Supermodels,Shea Vaughn-Sheanetics, Sandra Smith-Dogmi-Red Carpet Concierge, Bethza Seminario-Nethyel Pro Beauty along with local celebs Ginger Zee, Jenny Sepulveda, Denise Cameron and Chicago Bears NFL wives brought together a wonderful Celebrity Fundraiser Fashion Show to benefit the Lupus Research Institute Chicago. 

This event was fun, artistic & entertaining with an impressive fashion show, live performances, cocktails by Lucid Absinthe, Pina’s culinary treats, silent auction, shopping, socializing, mingling, dancing and more.  In it’s third year-the event was produced without a hitch in the perfect venue with a great crowd. 

The theme “Wild Orchid”, celebrates varied origins of the orchid
flower and the birth of UR SuperModels working with Sheanetics to
strengthen the fashion & health/wellness communities.

Those in attendance were surely pleased.  A perfect blend of a great time to benefit a good cause. 


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  • Nethyel Pro Beauty- Official Makeup Sponsor for this Show-www.nethyel.com and Makeup done by Bethza-me on the 2 first models!

  • The show was LEWD, TRASHY, and CHEAP. The number of skanky models and skanks in the crowd was unbelievable. Did everone see the butt crack of the woman who was wearing the corset dress (front and back)? There was no fashion, just nakedness. And the show was poorly produced: no discussion of Lupus, show was 2 hours late, no acknowledgement of the "designers" who made the clothes, and the emcee was some matronly plump broad trying to be relevant in her drag queen costumes. The event sickenend me. This must be why the terrorists hate us. SHAMEFUL.

  • In reply to horrible:

    I kinda know the group who put this on (well from being one of their other near 5k friends), and being there from start to finish, most other guests were very happy actually (including those who "like it"), having a wonderful time, and enjoyed the unique space! Did this person NOT hear when the lri stood & showed brief video? i hear thats all they wanted to show...from day one this was about the lupus group, but they came to the producer (i asked, hehe) for help but was starting without much volunteers or budget. the event was scheduled (read the flyer) at 6pm and began at 6:30 (the 2 hrs prior was the many cocktail sponsors, good food, shopping (said on the flyer...it IS a benefit), and more. they had to move stuff inside due to weather which took time. AS for "just horrible" other mentions, I'm pretty inquisitive, so I asked, and Kyla did not make it due to being pregnant some reason (yea, because celebs dont cancel ever right?), vince's mom WAS in the show, as well as the bears wives as promised (is that ONLY REASON you went? mad because THEY were in gowns and not corsets?), the designers were announced since their were technical difficulties, the programs were not to the producers liking so they announced emailing credits to everyone (they were on the event link for like EVER leading to the event), and emcee was entertaining, lol. Thought it was a fun, different approach to make raising money FUN not the same old paddle raising bidding, or worst CLUB fashionshow where the quote "fashions: i suppose, look better above a bar, right? Terrorists? a tad harsh...sounds like this person is just trying to be unpleasant. How is an 80,000 sq ft space cheap? the services were upscale, and sorry but fashion ranged from denim, corsets, cocktails dresses, gowns, and more,, i liked them! Real shows DO show skin, not turtlenecks like we may be used to (ive volunteered for presentations during NY FWk, & its up there with approach). While it was not perfect, what event is, seriously? everyone had on smiles, the lupus people there from new york seemed pleased, and the out of town artists had been heard of by some of chicago's locals. what's the beef? it seemed like they couldhave used more volunteers, but surely offering to help them next time, than bash seems the better thing to do, right? a group offers to help raise money, and its come to this- where we BASH the group, not the purpose? i had a ball...and so did my friend and others (all ages) who danced afterwards to the live band. the bears wives jumped into the navigator (transportation sponsor if u saw the backdrop logo) and being sunday and day before the bears HUGE game, was nice they stayed. its not the organizers job to hold gun to their head to stay, but everyone else did and cheered after production. give them a break...they seemed to offer difference, not more of the same!

  • The event was also falsely advertised. Where was Vince Vaughn's wife, Kyla, who was supposed to walk in the show? Missing in action. The Chicago Bear's wives were supposed to mingle with the VIP's after the show. Where were they? Oh yeah, I saw them hop into their Lincoln Navigator as soon as they got off the runway. Whoever put this event on must be brand-new and still has their training wheels on.

  • I attended. The opening ghetto dancers with the jungle music blaring was bizarre. I attend lots of charity events and I must say that this one was really classless. It just felt sleazy. And what was up with the vendors peddling their wares in the kiosks/booths? Did that benefit Lupus? I think this whole thing was just a staged production to sell products to the alcohol-plied audience who were horny from seeing all the skin that was on display. Booze and boobies. Lowest common denominator. YAWN.

  • In reply to myeyeshurt:

    Really, ghetto dancers? I know most of the dancers and can tell you that many are well known in the Chicago dance community and dance for well respected dance companies that have performed in events such as Dance Chicago, were lead dancers for the Oprah Flash Mob and performed for artists such as Fall Out Boy and Bruno Mars. And they are highly trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary and, yes, even hip-hop. Do you call them ghetto dancers because a number of them are black? Seems like a racist comment to me. And I guess you consider Christina Aguilera, Nicole Scherzinger, Alicia Keys, Beyonce Knowles, Estelle and Mya ghetto music as all of those artists were part of the music mix that the dancers performed too. The fashion show did display extreme fashions but isn't that what fashion shows do? Just by watching shows like Project Runway, I have seen that there is a difference between runway and ready-to-wear. And by the way, the way these things work is that vendors pay to have a table. Yes they are selling their goods but that payment for the table goes towards LRI. Same goes for any charity event were companies pay to have their name appear as sponsors of that event. It's good advertising for those corporate sponsors. Look at the American Heart Walk from this past week or the JDRF Walk this upcoming weekend. Companies pay to have their names appear as sponsors in all of the signs to help promote their companies. That payment goes towards the charity that is benefitting from that particular event. You obviously have no idea how these things work. Must be nice to be as privileged as you and to not have to ever have to stage a charity event such as this.

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