Yoga and Motorcycling

It seems strange to pair the words yoga and motorcycles. However, the mental focus alone that comes from practicing yoga can benefit any rider. So much of motorcycling is mental. We need to be aware alert and focused.

When we ride things come at us pretty fast. If we are mentally sharp, we can perceive these hazards early, which will create time for our bodies to be able to react.

Muscle reaction time, is something that diminishes as we age. However, there are things we can do to maintain or increase reaction time, including racket sports, martial arts and boxing. Being in good physical shape makes it easier for our bodies to do what we ask of it.

There are so many physical benefits to yoga, but the two main ones are flexibility and core strength. Having a strong core allows us to balance the motorcycle more easily, especially at slower speeds. The majority of steering input can be provided by your legs and core if you practice.

Flexibility can help reduce or prevent injuries in amotorcycle crash. If you fall off of a motorcycle at a high rate of speed yourbody can go into very flexible positions. If your body flexes first, the chance of tearing a ligament, muscle or fascia is reduced. Does this mean you will not be injured? Of course not, butyou can decrease your chances dramatically.

Just like motorcycles, there are several different types of yoga. Try to find one that suits you and your body.

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