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Sneak Peek At Captain America's Motorcycles

Marvel’s latest, Captain America:The First Avenger, the movie will be in theaters on July 22

Motorcycle Passengers: Riding Children

Motorcycle Passengers: Riding Children
The only debate to rival the long fought helmet law, is whether or not to carry children as passengers on a motorcycle. Besides the obvious dangers of carrying any passenger, children are more susceptible to injury because they often fall asleep on the back or their feet do not touch the foot rests, so staying... Read more »

The most important thing that a motorcyclist, noob or experienced, needs to know.

One of my favorite motorcycle forums has a long standing thread running on this very topic. the thread runs some 50 pages so far with more than 700 posts. As might be expected there is lots of very good and useful stuff offered. But, if I was a noob trying to assimilate all this info,... Read more »

Strange Motorcycle Picture of the Week

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Simon Whitlock has created a 48-cylinder, 4200cc motorcycle by bolting a bunch of engine parts together. It took him three years to complete, and it needs a 75cc motor to start the engine. And yes, the bike hits the scales at one ton.