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Elizabeth Taylor Loved Motorcycles

Elizabeth Taylor Loved Motorcycles
Magazine publisher Malcolm Forbes checks out Elizabeth Taylor’s tattoos before they set out on a motorcycle run from his Far Hills estate. / FILE PHOTO 1987 Among all the accolades being given to the late Elizabeth Taylor, there’s another one to add: the screen legend was an honorary Jersey gal. The actress, who died Wednesday... Read more »

Motorcycle Detection Warning System

  It is no secret that the majority of motorcycle accidents happen as a result of motorists in cars and trucks not seeing an approaching motorcycle. Motorcycle Warning System (MWS) was invented for that reason. The Motorcycle Warning System (MWS) is designed to alert/signal the automotive vehicle drivers that a motorcycle is approaching and/or is in the vicinity... Read more »

A Biker's Harbingers of Spring

For precious few of us Chicagoland bikers who tend to ride every chance we get, this is the time of year when we start listing all our favorite harbingers of spring riding. The riders who store their bikes for the winter have many of the same harbingers but are not on their bikes when they... Read more »

Strange Motorcycle Picture of the Week