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Motorcyclists:Spring is Coming! So is the Rain

  Hydroplaning What is it? How to deal with it? Hydroplaning is the result of your tires moving FAST across a wet surface – so fast that they do not have sufficient time to channel that moisture away from the center of the tire. The result is that the tire is lifted by the water... Read more »

International Motorcycle Show, adios till next year

Well, the show has come and gone. I didn’t bother to hype its coming as I figured that riders would have already made up their minds about that before the show and didn’t need me to tell them what to do. The downside to that is that our dear blog readers didn’t know that I... Read more »

Helmets save brains and spines, new study shows

  Motorcycle helmets can keep the brain safe, but Johns Hopkins researchers now say they also protect the spine too. There has been a myth persisting for 25 years that wearing a helmet while riding causes spine injuries, said the study leader, Dr. Adil H. Haider, an assistant professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins... Read more »