Paris Hilton Launches Motorcycle Race Team

I was trying to avoid talking about this. But, it is really unavoidable. It is kinda big news.

When I first heard that Paris Hilton was unveiling her 125 MotoGP team, my initial thought was that more money and notoriety in the sport could not be a bad thing. At that time, I assumed that perhaps it would be done with class like most MotoGP teams or like Michael Jordan did with his AMA race team.

Alas, I was wrong.

The Super-Martxe VIP by Paris Hilton team was presented in Madrid on Sunday by Hilton, who wore a low-cut, pink and white, rhinestone-studded racing suit for the event.

Paris Hilton1.jpg
Paris Hilton2.jpg


The paint scheme may be better suited for female racers or Motorcycle Barbie. But hey, a free ride, is a free ride. I am sure there a plenty of racers who would like to represent the team.

My hope is that her fame will draw more people to become fans of this great sport. So far this looks like another reason for Paris to be in the news.

Maybe I could teach her how to ride that bike. Now that would make headlines…



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