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Strange Motorcycle Picture of the Week

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Motorcycle Lovers

  Here are some great last minute gift ideas that will always come in handy to the avid motorcycle rider. Most of these items can be found at any auto supply store. 1) Tire Gauge: $14.00 2) Tire Repair Kit: $40.00 3) Neck Warmer: $16.00 4) Crampbuster: $10.00 5) Drink Holder: $16.00 6) RainX: $6.00

Paris Hilton Launches Motorcycle Race Team

I was trying to avoid talking about this. But, it is really unavoidable. It is kinda big news. When I first heard that Paris Hilton was unveiling her 125 MotoGP team, my initial thought was that more money and notoriety in the sport could not be a bad thing. At that time, I assumed that perhaps it would be... Read more »

Strange Motorcycle Picture of the Week

Man Gets Out Of Big Trouble By Claiming His Throttle Got Stuck at 130mph

Oh, how I love this story. Everything about it made me smile. From the talk of ‘exploding engines’, to the comments posted below the article (there are some great ones). I also love that they are calling it a ‘runaway motorcycle.’ For the record, I am quite confident this guy’s story is 100% bullshit. But I love... Read more »

Historic Races Return To Catalina Island-The Catalina Grand Prix

I was one of over 3000 lucky spectators who were in attendance for this special weekend. The Catalina Grand Prix originally ran from 1951-1958 then took a 52 year hiatus. On December 4th, 2010 the Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix was reborn.   More than 800 racers entered to ride the newly designed 5.5-mile course, which featured a variety of terrain... Read more »

Who Are The Rescue Riders?

    Sounds like a group of super heroes. Well, in a way we are…  Several years ago I was on a motorcycle tour of Tuscany when one of the riders in our group crashed. I was right behind him, and was first on the scene. He was pinned under a guardrail.  He was not... Read more »