Man Gets Out Of Big Trouble By Claiming His Throttle Got Stuck at 130mph

Oh, how I love this story. Everything about it made me smile. From the talk of ‘exploding engines’, to the comments posted below the article (there are some great ones). I also love that they are calling it a ‘runaway motorcycle.’

For the record, I am quite confident this guy’s story is 100% bullshit. But I love that he tried it and actually got away with it.

Please read it and share your thoughts. I need the discussion to carry on for at least one more day, it’s just too entertaining.

Convictions tossed for 130-mph ride on runaway motorcycle




Here are a few of my favorite responses so far:

1) Been riding for 17 years and worked in a motorcycle shop. This is a high payed lawyer story and the judged bowed down. The guy should be lucky he didn’t end up painting the road with his guts. Where is his restaurant I’m going to skip out on the tab and say my shoes wouldn’t stop running.

2) If the throttle got stuck, obviously it got stuck at 130mph. Stuck is stuck, it doesn’t by default take on a mind of its own and keep accelerating!

3) I’ve had a multitude of bikes and know hundreds of bikers and other than a throttle that was stiff or had to be twisted back I’ve never heard of a completely stuck throttle. As other commenters have already posted, the little red kill switch is right there by your hand. Which would you rather do, hit the kill switch and hold the clutch in. Even a beginner rider would have enough sense to do that. I don’t believe his story.

4) Check his underwear, that should tell the truth.

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