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Do You Wear a Helmet When You Ride? You May Not Have a Choice Soon.

NTSB recommends states enact laws requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets     By Ashley Halsey III Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, November 16, 2010; 10:02 PM Bucking a tide of resistance in state capitals and a free-spirited breed of motorcyclists, the National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday said states should require riders to wear... Read more »

The Jogger, the Bicyclist, and darkness at the edge of town

Nearly collided with a jogger as I was leaving my driveway today on my motorcycle beginning my pre-dawn commute to work. In the second that that led up to the near miss, I had the full range of emotion, surprise, fear, relief, anger. My purposely trained riding habits kicked in and did all the right stuff allowing me... Read more »

Killer Potholes

  I guess it was only a matter of time before this happened. I have hit some potholes in my car that made me feel grateful that I was not on a motorcycle at the time. I have also been a passenger on a motorcycle on Lake Shore Drive when we hit some really bad... Read more »

BMW To Make Scooter

    The Star/Asia News Network MUNICH – BMW is going down the road of big scooters. This new product segment will first give rise to two innovative premium scooters with internal combustion engines. But BMW is also exploring a future alternative drive with electric motor. BMW is promising that its new product will combine... Read more »