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I guess it was only a matter of time before this happened. I have hit some potholes in my car that made me feel grateful that I was not on a motorcycle at the time. I have also been a passenger on a motorcycle on Lake Shore Drive when we hit some really bad rippled and broken pavement. We bounced so hard I thought I was coming off the back of the bike, and it made me wonder if that has ever happened to anyone.

This article posted in The Herald News yesterday really got to me. I subscribe to motorcycle alerts on Google and I see headlines about motorcycle deaths everyday. I usually do not read them, because it can be very depressing. However, this one hit too close to home. First, the rider was a local guy, and second, he was killed because he was sent airborne after his motorcycle hit a city pothole.

Scanning well ahead, having good reflexes, and practicing evasive maneuvers (swerving) help us avoid the majority of the potholes or debris in the road. However, sometimes we spot them too late and from time to time traffic conditions do not permit us to swerve or brake to avoid it.

Anyone who drives or rides in the city is aware of how bad the potholes can be, especially in the late winter/early spring months. I think the city did a pretty decent job of patching the potholes in a timely manner last spring. However, new ones pop up every day. We can help by calling 311 and reporting potholes when we see them.

Also, if your car or motorcycle has been damaged by a pothole on a Chicago road, you can file a claim with the City of Chicago at To submit a problem about a State road visit

Who knows, reporting a pothole may just save someone’s life.

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  • They now have free "Apps" for the major Smart Phone formats that utilize the GPS and Camera functions together. Take a picture of the Pothole using the APP and it will report it to appropriate authority including both the photo and GPS coordinates with a few taps of the button.

  • Sarah, i as well as several of my riding partners can attest to your article. I have ridden on the streets for 27 yrs and i will say it's only getting WORSE. as though it's not enough dodging people who don't see us or are flat out trying to run us down, we have to have eyes peeled to the road to make sure we aren't going to get swallowed up. I personally crashed one of my zx-12's 2 yrs ago at rt83 just south of the 290 exit while heading north. Not only did i get banged up but obviously i did a couple grand worth of damage. 1 yr later another friend nearly crashed but did succeed in bending both rims beyond use on his "new" 2007 gsxr1000
    we reported the hole several times and it has yet to be fixed to my knowledge and neither of us were reimbursed for damages because we are told our calls are the "first reports" on the area and that they arent liable unless the hole is reported and then not fixed. it's all a scam to me. Anyway Love ya love what you do for the motorcyling community!!
    P.s. Say hi to Doug n Lila

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