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On Motorcycle, European Pilgrims Race Toward God

  The Festival of the Modonna of the Bikers. Facinating. Click on the link above to read about this event which attracts over 10,000 riders from all over Europe.

Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP

If you like motorcycles even a little bit, you must attend this event. This will be an action packed weekend that will not disappoint. We are so lucky to have the MotoGP races back in the United States and Indy is practically in our backyard. Aside from the races, there are many activities going on at and... Read more »

The Big Bike Trip Notes

Ok, ok, I am back from two weeks on the road. And I know that you all are just dying to hear(read) all about it!  Note that the groaners who know me all too well are now headed for the door, en mass, and have wedged themselves into the door frame like the Three Stooges of... Read more »

Hydration Shmydration-Lessons Learned the Hard Way

  By Jonny Volk Take it from an IBA member, EMT-B and MSF RiderCoach who nearly did everything right and nearly lost his life because of it. The “ruining” of my summer vacation ride out to the BMW MOA Rally in Redmond, OR, was due not to mechanical failure, crashing, or anything else other dehydration... Read more »

Harley-Davidson sells MV Agusta as Brad Pitt gives one to Angelina Jolie

  Angelina Jolie Just when I thought Algelina Jolie could not get any luckier. Harley-Davidson sells MV Agusta as Brad Pitt gives one to Angelina Jolie

"I rode to Stergis once...on a bicycle"

I made some new friends this past weekend. One of the women I had just met, looked at my helmet and asked, “Do you ride a motorcycle?” I smiled and said, “Yes.” Then she said, ” I rode to Stergis once…on a bicycle.” She went on to tell me that she had heard about a... Read more »