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To Wave, Or not To Wave...

There are 8 million ways that bikers deliniate ourselves from each other and the general populace. This is just one of them. Is it a good way or essentially meaningless, if not plain goofy?. Lots of us bikers bring a predisposition to the wave and rarely think about it thereafter. For those of us living in... Read more »

Mods vs. Rockers-Post Event

The 2010 Mods vs Rockers event was held this past Saturday, June 19th. It was a beautiful day for a great event. I could not believe the turn out. There were hundreds more motorcycles, scooters, and spectators than in past years. One of the organizers, Larry Fletcher said, “Sarah, it has taken on a life... Read more »

The Motorcycle of the Future Has Arrived

The Motorcycle of the Future Has Arrived
    This is the MotoCzysz E1PC. It is electric. It is almost certainly the most advanced motorcycle on the planet. And it is the future. We told you moto-genius Michael Czysz — pronounced sizz — was building another contender for the TT Zero electric motorcycle race on the Isle of Man. But we caught... Read more »

A Pill to Cure Motorcycling? No Thanks

  I have always said I caught the motorcycle bug at an early age, but I guess it was a parasite after all. Who knew? According to this article from MCN, we (motorcyclists) may be infected with a parasite called Toxoplasma. If Toxoplasma is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Check this out: The pill... Read more »

British Motorcycle Night at Five Star

It was a great turn out at Five Star last night for British bike night. This was the second event in a series of Motorcycle Mondays hosted at Five Star. Each date celebrates a different country. May 3rd was German bike night. American motorcycle night is coming up on July 5. Photos by Fred Teifeld... Read more »

Cleaning Your Chain

  Cleaning and lubricating your drive chain will extend the working life of your motorcycle drive chain and sprockets. A dirty chain and sprockets will reduce the ability of your engine to efficiently transfer drive power to your rear wheel, sapping the power you enjoy so much.  Properly adjusted free-play in your drive chain is... Read more »