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Tips for Carrying Passengers

At some point you will either want to or be pressured into carrying a passenger on your motorcycle. Here are some tips for making your experience a good one. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, carrying a passenger can affect the way a motorcycle handles. The weight makes starting out more difficult, and reduces acceleration... Read more »

Just be Smooth

It’s the most overused phrase in motorcycle training; “Be Smooth”.  You can find it in almost every book, DVD and class about improving your motorcycling.  However, rarely is it defined. I have struggled with how to explain “riding smoothly” to new students.  It seems to be one of those mysterious things that can be difficult to convey to someone who... Read more »

Embarrassing Moments in Motorcycling

I will share some of my most embarrassing moments on two wheels (and I have many), but only if you share your stories as well. Here is the first one. It was the first weekend of December, 2005, the Toys for Tots Parade. My motorcycle would not start, so I decided to ride with my brother Mike on... Read more »

Strange Motorcycle Picture of the Week

Do you think it is amphibious?

The Moto-Athlete Part 1

Two machines drive the sport of motorcycle racing. Today’s racer experiences a hunger whose appetite for speed is captured inside a body driven by stamina and strength. Each year the talent in all moto-sport divisions becomes more impressive. The rider is awed as an Adonis of two-wheeled racing. Riders need to transcend from just a talented and... Read more »