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FIM Announces New Electric Motorcycle Racing Series for 2010

The Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme, the sanctioning body of MotoGP and Endurance World Championship, is launching an all-electric racing series for 2010.The FIM is the governing body of most motorcycle sports and is launching the new race series as part of an initiative to recognize both the new technology and the growing trend towards greener,... Read more »

I Hate Bikers

I don’t like bikers. Bikers are inherently dangerous and crazed. Training doesn’t work. Only insane people ride bikes, why would anyone sane put themselves at that much risk? Not on my watch, we will discourage motorcycle riders and suggest they stop riding. A motorcycle KILLED my brother. Scene II  The US Army fielded the Army... Read more »

Motorcycle Vacations

I’m lucky; I have a career that includes motorcycles as a large part of my work. Sure there are other aspects and responsibilities but deep down inside I, and more than 200 Army, Navy, and Marine Traffic Safety Program instructors, harbor deep satisfaction of knowing we ride motorcycles as part of our jobs. The greatest part... Read more »

Biker Chic for Biker Chicks

I really enjoyed reading this recent article in the LA Times. ‘The Biker Look in Women’s Fashion‘The author, (a female rider) comments about the current motorcycle inspired fashion trend, and attempts to put some of the clothing to the test.I too have always struggled with the fine line between looking good (feminine), and being adequately... Read more »

Motorcycle: Quick Tip

Have you ever been riding and all of a sudden your head starts to itch? You try adjusting your helmet, or hitting the helmet hoping it will get to the itch.A chopstick is the perfect tool for the job. Be sure to pack a set next time you are out for a long ride. I... Read more »

Motorcycle Sarah Guest Bloggers

Those who know me, know that when winter rolls around in Chicago, I am usually on a plane to some random remote location abroad. Since a computer will not be as accessible to me, I will not be able to post much while I am gone. So I would like to welcome Jason Diaz and... Read more »

Lane Splitting-Life Changing

I went on a group ride today. We got started late, so it was short ride up Pacific Coast Highway. On the way back the traffic was terrible, barely moving. The ride leader looked to me and gave me the nod as if to say, ‘we’re going down the middle’ so I gave him my... Read more »

California Dreamin'

Since winter is upon us in Chicago, I decided to head out to California for a little bit to extend my riding season. Instead of a red carpet, upon my arrival I was given a red 2010 Ducati Monster 696 to use while I am out here. Thanks to Michael Lock, President and CEO of... Read more »

Chicago: Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade- Sunday Dec 5th, 2010

    The Chicagoland Toys for Tots motorcycle parade is one of my favorite events of the year. It would be my absolute favorite if it took place during a warmer month. Typically it takes place the first weekend of December. I have ridden it almost every year since I started riding. Some years have been tolerable,... Read more »