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Winterizing Your Motorcycle

  This is not what I meant by ‘winterizing’ your motorcycle, but it looks like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it is almost that time again. Unless you are inclined to ride through an entire winter, (which I did one year with the help of electric clothing ad heated handgrips), it’s time to prepare to... Read more »

Motorcycle: Poor Brad Pitt

Leave the man alone already. Being on a motorcycle means something different to each individual rider. I do not pretend to know anything about Brad Pitt’s life, but if he is anything like the rest of us, he is able to escape from quite a bit while riding his motorcycle. Even if it is for... Read more »

Motorcycle Myth Buster-Myth #5

Drop a helmet once, and it is no longer good. A helmet is good for one impact only, true.  However, according to the SNELL Memorial Foundation, the helmet becomes compromised when the head is inside the helmet, and the helmet makes significant contact with a surface or other object. So a helmet falling off of... Read more »

Motorcycle: Quick Tip

Do you have melted plastic or rubber on your exhaust pipes? When the pipes are hot, spray a little Easy Off Oven Cleaner directly on the pipes. Be careful to to spray it on any other part of the bike. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then wipe away with a damp sponge... Read more »

Lightning's Electric Motorcycle Prototype Reaches 166 MPH at Bonneville

 166 MPH electric motorcycle article

Motorcycle Myth Buster-Myth #4

It’s OK to sit on a parked motorcycle without protective gear Falling off a parked motorcycle can have devastating and often fatal results. Create a metal image of that incident. You have a 600-900 pound machine becoming unbalanced and carrying a human body to the ground. The head is usually the last thing to hit... Read more »

Motorcycle: Harley- Davidson to Discontinue Buell Sport Bikes

According to a story published in The New York TimesBy Jerry Garrett Continuing hard times at Harley-Davidson came to something of a head Thursday with the announcement that the company was killing it’s Buell line of sport bikes almost immediately and actively looking for a buyer for its MV Agusta brand. Harley, which is based... Read more »

Motorcycle Myth Buster-Myth #3

Motorcycles are “green” While some motorcycles are painted green, unfortunately they cannot be considered environmentally friendly. Motorcycles actually produce more hydrocarbons than cars mainly because the catalytic converters on motorcycles are so small. Hydrocarbons are the unspent gas that reaches the exhaust and causes ground level ozone, it is main chemical in smog. However, motorcycles... Read more »

Federal Government To Study Motorcycle Crash Causation

The last time a study of this kind was conducted was in 1981. The Hurt Report, produced some very telling information. Feel free to read the entire report, it is comprehensive and very interesting. In summary, alcohol was involved in over half of the fatalities, the motorcycle riders involved in accidents were essentially without training;... Read more »

Motorcycle Myth Buster- Myth #2

I do not always wear my helmet, but I make sure to put one on when I ride on the expressway.  The fact is, the majority of motorcycle accidents happen at intersections at an average speed of 21.5 mph. While it is not as common to be involved in a motorcycle accident on the highway,... Read more »