Motorcycle Myth Buster-Myth #3

Motorcycles are “green”

While some motorcycles are painted green, unfortunately they
cannot be considered environmentally friendly. Motorcycles actually produce
more hydrocarbons than cars mainly because the catalytic converters on
motorcycles are so small. Hydrocarbons are the unspent gas that reaches the
exhaust and causes ground level ozone, it is main chemical in smog. However, motorcycles do give of less carbon
dioxide than cars do. That in combination with better fuel economy, means
motorcycles contribute less to greenhouse gases.

Still motorcycles and scooters remain a great alternative to
cars and trucks, (especially in urban areas). They take up less road space, are
more fuel efficient (60-80 mpg), and their manufacture requires less material
and energy.

Just like some cars, motorcycles are going electric.  BMW just came out with an electric scooter.
I am looking forward to test riding one soon.

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  • And don't forget to mention... they are more fun!

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