Motorcycle Myth Buster- Myth #2

I do not always wear my helmet, but I make sure to put one on when I ride on the expressway.

 The fact is, the
majority of motorcycle accidents happen at intersections at an average speed of
21.5 mph. While it is not as common to be involved in a motorcycle accident on
the highway, there are many benefits of wearing a helmet other than safety. Helmets
can also reduce fatigue, reduce wind noise, and protect you from the elements.
Oh, and if you have ever been hit in the face by a bug or road debris at 60-70
mph, you definitely understand the benefits of wearing a helmet.


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  • Sarah, I know why some people ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

    They think it looks cool.

    Of course, try telling that to people who've been killed or crippled because they didn't wear a lid. If they could, they'd tell riders who go lidless a thing or two.

    Being a rider for going on twenty years now, I've ridden a motorcycle on the street without a helmet exactly once, and only for fifteen minutes.

    So I experienced the sensation of 'freedom' bareheaded riders talk about.

    As Janis Joplin sang, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

    You get one brain. And head shops don't sell replacements.

    Thanks so much for this article...and enjoy the ride!

  • Mandatory helmet laws have not changed the death to accident in any state where they have been mandated.

    Get the facts. Read Helmet Law Facts here:

  • In reply to theWarren:

    Warren, Thank you for your comment. Take a look at this report from NHTSA, . It was done after Florida repealed its helmet law. Deaths went up 80%.
    I think its a hard thing to measure. Most people who are anti helmets don't go out and buy good helmets with proper safety certifications just because there is a helmet law. They buy those novelty helmets, (which offer zero protection) to be in compliance. I think if states which mandate helmets should have a minimum safety certification requirement. That way we would have some real numbers to study. Though, I'm sure it would be very hard to regulate.

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