"Someone told me I could learn to ride in 20 minutes."

A call came into my office the other day. It was a woman who was looking for private motorcycle lessons. My office manager explained to her how private lessons worked, and the difference between private lessons and our group classes.  After a very thorough explanation of the 16 hour curriculum, the woman said, “I don’t need to take the whole 16 hour course, someone told me I could learn to ride in 20 minutes.”

Unfortunately this is a common misconception. That riding a motorcycle is easier than it really is. I do understand that a good rider can make riding look seamless and easy. However, since we live in a time when good information is so easy to find, it amazes me that people will settle for bad information offered by someone who clearly knows nothing about the subject.

If anything, I would think that someone would want to prolong the learning process, rather than cut it short. Motorcycling it not a hobby to take lightly, it requires research and time and a lot of practice. I have been riding for over 15 years, I take 2-3 motorcycle courses per year, own 6 motorcycles, and I am still learning every day.

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