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Documentary About Cafe Racers-Tomorrow Oct 1st Only

MV Agusta, pockets deeper after Harley-Davidson purchase, unveils new models

            By Dan Strumpf (CP) NEW YORK — Italian motorcycle maker MV Agusta Group unveiled its first new models in 10 years on Monday, saying its purchase by motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson Inc. last year is beginning to pay off. The two new bikes – new versions of its Brutale sport... Read more »

Motorcycle Myth Buster-Myth #1

I was just riding along, and the motorcycle just went out from under me. Really? Are you sure you did not play any role in that?  The fact is, motorcycles are machines, they do not have a mind of their own.  They do not just go out from under a rider, unless the rider does... Read more »

Bill a Boost to Electric Motorcycle Research

Courtesy of Brammo Green manufacturers will be happy to know that an amendment to HR 3246 includes Dept. of Energy funding for the development of electric vehicles, like the Brammo Enertia above. The United States House of Representatives has unanimously passed an amendment giving two-wheel electric vehicles manufacturers access to Department of Energy funding for further development... Read more »

Motorcycle Crash Tech

Next Airing Thursday, Sept. 24th at 4pm National Geographic Channel presents an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the remarkable new technologies being used to avoid motorcycle crashes, and prevent injuries or even death when a racer or rider does go down.   Exclusive interviews with World Superbike Champion Neil Hodgson and Grand Prix legend Giacomo Agostini... Read more »

The Blue Ridge Parkway

So I finally visited the Blue Ridge Parkway last week. You can see from the photo how it got its name. I had always heard that if you have not ridden it, then you can’t call yourself a motorcycle enthusiast. I’m not sure I really buy that, but it looks like a spectacular ride. I... Read more »

"Someone told me I could learn to ride in 20 minutes."

A call came into my office the other day. It was a woman who was looking for private motorcycle lessons. My office manager explained to her how private lessons worked, and the difference between private lessons and our group classes.  After a very thorough explanation of the 16 hour curriculum, the woman said, “I don’t... Read more »

Indian Motorcycles 'Cash for Clunkers' Program

Motorcycles were not included in the popular program which just ended last month, but that hasn’t stopped Indian motorcycles from offering similar rebates on their latest models. Hopefully other manufacturers will offer a similar program. The manufacturer of classic-styled V-Twin cruiser and touring motorcycles is offering a $3,000 trade-in toward the purchase of a 2009... Read more »

Motorcycle and Scooter Specific Parking

I was in Montreal over Labor Day weekend, and could not help but notice the parking spots designated for motorcycles and scooters. I have been working on getting the same treatment here in Chicago. It has been a hard fight and we are not even close. I am gathering information from other major cities that... Read more »

Slaughter House Scooter Rally & Gymkhana

Motoworks Chicago Invites you to participate in the Slaughterhouse Rally. Labor Day weekend.   If you have never been to one of these events, you need to check it out. it is a great way to spend a few hours. Motoworks always puts on a good show, and you get to talk the talk with... Read more »