Motorcycle and Scooter Specific Parking

I was in Montreal over Labor Day weekend, and could not help but notice the parking spots designated for motorcycles and scooters.

Montreal moto parking.jpg

I have been working on getting the same treatment here in Chicago. It has been a hard fight and we are not even close. I am gathering information from other major cities that offer the same courtesy to two wheeled motorists to strengthen my argument. San Francisco, was the first and Ohio just followed recently. I know the Mayor is really focused on bicycles and I think that is great, but he needs to pay a little attention to us as well.
Obviously if there was more incentive for two wheeled motorists to ride to work, it would help cut down on congestion, not to mention it is more fuel efficient. So I will keep fighting to get us our own parking spots just like the picture below. Wish me luck.

Montreal moto parking2.jpg

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