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The Daily Grind- Wham, Bam... Uh... Sorry Ma'am.

How do you make a Monday feel more depressing than usual? Answer: Rear end somebody on the way into work and inflict more damage to your vehicle than the one you hit. That alone is BS compounded upon BS compounded upon additional BS! (By the way, is that much BS tax deductible?) I am not... Read more »

The Daily Grind- Quick Quips from My Mind Throughout the Week for Your Enjoyment

Some people say that inspiration strikes like lightning. For me, in clearly came in the form of a pothole that ruptured the sidewall of my tire and instantly left me with a loose pile of rubber, sagging off of an alloy rim. Now I may not be able to pinpoint the exact minute, but I... Read more »

Quality Over Quantity: My Quest to Make a Better Blog

Good evening ladies, gentlemen and/or whoever else subscribes to my modest blog. I know I haven’t posted a random rambling in a while, but please know that I have been thinking about you and ways to make this blog better. After sorting out some personal issues as well as finishing up some business related trips,... Read more »

Driving Through Chaos: How to Make the Best of Driving Through the Worst

Living in Chicago, I have become accustomed to the usual traffic annoyances that plague our city. When I speak of annoyances, I tend to think of the time I spent in a single lane construction zones while the person ahead of me insists that making a left turn is a brilliant idea or the Lexus... Read more »