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Driving a Diesel in Denmark- Is This What Makes The Danes So Happy? (Pt.2)

If you are just jumping into this blog for the first time, please allow me to warn you that today’s installment is a continuation from **THIS BLOG** and should be read first. I am just going to assume that you clicked the link and read the previous post and the beginning of this story first,... Read more »

Airbags Standard, License Optional?

It never occurred to me just how many motorists do not have a driver’s license, until I found myself sitting in a traffic court waiting to plea my way out of an ill deserved speeding ticket. Just to set the record straight, I was not preparing to do battle in some inner city court, where... Read more »

Radar Love, but No Golden Earring

I am usually not the one who would publicly admit to breaking the law or even think of doing such a thing. There are times however, where I think certain laws should be bent or eased up upon, especially if it is for the greater good of society or my sanity behind the wheel. Speed... Read more »