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A Look at Some of the Best Car Commercials from Super Bowl 50

Let’s face it, unless your favorite team is playing or have deep feelings for the actual game of football, most people are tuning in the Super Bowl to catch some great commercials. Considering that companies are shelling out $5 million dollars for a 30-second advertisement, you can bet that they will be doing their best... Read more »

Thanksgiving is here and I am thankful for Alfa Romeo. No, that isn't a punchline.

Thanksgiving is here and I am thankful for Alfa Romeo. No, that isn't a punchline.
For years, the Italians have built vehicles that have captured the eyes of children, the hearts of drivers and the sanity of many mechanics- Many of whom would make a late night phone call to a priest, with hopes that they could exorcise whatever evil spirits were preventing a seemingly functional car from starting. This... Read more »

Wreck it Wednesday: Honda Civic, Audi A4, Mazda CX-9, Jeep Compass and Lexus IS

It amazes me just how many people purchase a new car, without knowing just how well it can withstand a collision. Fear not loyal readers, as I am looking out for you! That’s right, every Wednesday I will pick 5 random vehicles that were crashed in the name of public safety and that I decided... Read more »

Beating Nature: Staying Safe While Chasing Storms

My heart goes out to those who were impacted by the recent tornados that ravished Oklahoma and claimed the lives of experienced storm chasers. Being a SKYWARN Storm Spotter myself (not to be confused with the heroic work done by the REAL storm chasing professionals), I can understand the hypnotic draw to a mighty storm... Read more »