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Can The Hypercar Add Legitimacy to Hybrid Technology?

Can The Hypercar Add Legitimacy to Hybrid Technology?
  For years, I refused to buy into the concept of hybrid vehicle technology. To be frank, I always thought the whole hybrid technology was ill conceived, provided little real-world benefits and was nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Just think about the engineering layout of a hybrid for a moment. You are basically taking... Read more »

Wreck it Wednesday: BMW X5, Chevrolet Traverse, Ford C-Max, Honda Accord Coupe and Mercedes C-Class Sedan

It amazes me just how many people purchase a new car, without knowing just how well it can withstand a collision. Fear not loyal readers, as I am looking out for you! That’s right, every Wednesday I will pick 5 random vehicles that were crashed in the name of public safety and that I decided... Read more »

No Power for the Electric Vehicle?

I will admit that I take a special pleasure in driving a traditional, gasoline powered, turbocharged, sedan. Maybe its the intensifying growl of my engine as it approaches it’s 7,000 RPM red line? Or perhaps its the seductive drone of the turbocharger as it builds from a subtle whirring to a distinctive howl as it... Read more »

Pardon My Gas: Punching Back at the Pump... With Haiku

Over the past month, I have logged a lot of miles. During these trips I have spent many moments staring blankly into space while fuel poured into my tank and money poured out of my wallet. During these moments of pump induced hypnosis followed by priced induced hysteria, I created some poetry. I don’t fancy... Read more »