Back Behind the Wheel

Back Behind the Wheel

It has certainly been a long journey since we last shared the road together. What a difference a year makes- let alone two. In spite of my absence of writing, there has certainly been no shortage of events and personal anecdotes to remark about.

Since I last shared my musings from behind the wheel of the Cadillac XTS (the worst way to spend $50,000), the following events inspired me to reshape and further hone my approach to this blog:

  • Sergio Marchionne Died-  Very tragic and too soon. At least he brought Alfa Romeo back to America before his untimely passing.
  • Passed Another Level in My Krav Maga Instructor Certification- Now even more people can confront road rage with a swift kick to the groin.
  • Lee Iacocca Died- The man behind the Mustang, and who said “build the damn thing” about the Dodge Viper. Another personal hero to me and to many others in the automotive industry will fondly remember this ballsy character.
  • Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis and Ongoing Treatment- Good people led me to great doctors at Mayo Clinic. I am bless, I am lucky and now I have a few cool scars to brag to my Krav Maga students about.
  • Carlos Ghosn on the Move- From getting busted for dipping into Nissan’s piggy bank, to a daring escape from house arrest, not since Arrested Development have we seen a CEO with as many tricks up his sleeve. (Psst. There’s always money in the Versa… wink, wink!)
  • Rekindled my Romance for Manual Transmissions- More to come on this and how the E39 generation BMWs may have been the LAST of the true “ultimate driving machines.”
  • ICEing is Trending- This is where Internal Combustion Engine drivers (hence, ICE) intentionally block charging stations, harass electric vehicle drivers on the road, and even vandalize parked electric vehicles. Its schoolyard bullying for the road, and highly moronic.
  • Dog and Marriage- Do you want to complicate your life? Get married. Is that not enough? Then get a dog. I guess even the best of us need companionship for our companionship.
  • Takata Airbags are Still Deadly- Although it has been several years and brought about many lawsuits, there are still vehicles on the road with these defective (and dangerous) airbags.
  • Learned how to Properly Roast Lamb- This has absolutely nothing to with automobiles, however it does make for an amazing tailgating experience at a soccer match.

So as I sit here and reminisce about the past few years and some of the events that shaped my mind and my life, I can’t help but think about the road ahead. So many great and tragic moments in equal measure, were all rolled-up into a relatively short period of time. There is so much to share and so much more to discuss- so I guess you will have to subscribe to keep up with it all.

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