The Daily Grind- Wham, Bam... Uh... Sorry Ma'am.

It looks like my car was punched in the eye!

It looks like my car was punched in the eye!

How do you make a Monday feel more depressing than usual? Answer: Rear end somebody on the way into work and inflict more damage to your vehicle than the one you hit. That alone is BS compounded upon BS compounded upon additional BS! (By the way, is that much BS tax deductible?) I am not one to bitch much via a blog, but when my vehicle’s wellbeing is compromised, then I do get a bit defensive.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that that the “rear endee” cut me off first to get into my lane (at which point I backed off a bit and gave some breathing room), but then to stop dead thirty-seconds later on the Kennedy so they could try and get into another lane truly sets me off. I mean, its called merging- okay? You use your accelerator NOT YOUR BRAKE to successfully achieve this driving maneuver. …and don’t even get me started on the first rental car provided by the body shop!

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