About M.E.

I've always been a story teller. But it took what was originally diagnosed as MS to give me time to write them down. Since I was told that my condition is not MS but is something unknown that seems to baffle every doctor I've seen. This has added even more to write about.

I started this blog to record my stories. Some are about my family. Some share my thoughts about my condition and the many ways it's changed my life. Still others are thoughts and opinions that I feel I need to express.

Mostly I'm an optimist. I really want to see the goodness and humor in people and situations. I find that especially with my health problems I need to do that. Even before my medical problems started I would tell some people that I wanted to be a philosopher. This has given me a soap box for those philosophies. If you enjoy reading what I've written, great! Otherwise, it's really not a problem for me.

M.E. Smolinski