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What's Your Financial Backup Plan?

Saturday, May 21st came and went.  Sorry Mr. Camping, but we’re still here – another reprieve for the world, a disappointment for a small few.  So what happens now?  It has to be acknowledged that the human psyche will unfailingly attach emotions to an event or their goals with no thought for a Plan B.... Read more »

Mother's Day, Baby Boomers & What it Means for Us Today

In honor of Mom (and Dad too), read along with me about life in 20 years.   It’s a crisp winter morning in Chicago.  Your wife is just getting home from working at the all night diner a few miles away and now it’s her turn to watch the kids and get them ready for... Read more »

Banks Vs. Insurance Companies: What are the differences?

This past April 8th, the latest bank to fail in our local area was Western Springs National Bank and Trust.  Western Springs had assets totaling $186 million with total deposits at $181 million.  Although the FDIC arranged a purchase and assumption agreement with Heartland Ban and Trust in Bloomington to protect the deposits, this closure... Read more »