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Fiscal Cliff Deal Reached: Don't Follow Government Example When Handling Your Money

Fiscal Cliff Deal Reached: Don't Follow Government Example When Handling Your Money
Congress permanently extended the Bush income tax cuts at $400,000 and below, kept the estate tax threshold at $5 million and extend unemployment benefits for one year. The frustrating part about the past couple years is Congress inability to get things done in a timely manner…keeping those on top of their money game waiting for... Read more »

Matt Sapaula Selected for Chicago Magazine & Mercedes Benz "Men of Style"

I walked into Balani Custom Clothiers and stunned to see
Feeling honored to be among such distinguished company!  Chicago magazine partnered with Mercedes-Benz Chicagoland Dealers and Balani Custom Clothiers to host the first annual “Men of Style” event. The event served to recognize five local men as the Mercedes Men of Style. The honorees were picked for contributions they have made in their field, to... Read more »

How to Get a Mortgage in a Tough Economy with So-So Credit

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Lending standards for mortgages are tougher than ever, after the mortgage meltdown that led to the current mess the housing market is in. The Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council said roughly 1 in 4 mortgage applicants was denied in 2010.  However, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development says there is money to lend.... Read more »

To College Loan or Not to College Loan?

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With college tuition continue to skyrocket and state programs squeezing grants and monetary assistance, future college students and their families are depending more on obtaining student loans.  But is it a good idea?  When should you take a college loan to pay for you college tuition, room and board?  What are the best ways to... Read more »

What's Your Financial Backup Plan?

Saturday, May 21st came and went.  Sorry Mr. Camping, but we’re still here – another reprieve for the world, a disappointment for a small few.  So what happens now?  It has to be acknowledged that the human psyche will unfailingly attach emotions to an event or their goals with no thought for a Plan B.... Read more »

Banks Vs. Insurance Companies: What are the differences?

This past April 8th, the latest bank to fail in our local area was Western Springs National Bank and Trust.  Western Springs had assets totaling $186 million with total deposits at $181 million.  Although the FDIC arranged a purchase and assumption agreement with Heartland Ban and Trust in Bloomington to protect the deposits, this closure... Read more »

Money Smart Week Financial Expert Panel Notes: Financial Focus 2011

What should an investor be most focused on in their current financial decision making?  Earlier last week, I promised you my notes from a financial expert panel discussion held during the Money Smart Week Preview Party 2011 at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. They panel was chocked full of “intellectual-financial-martial-arts” from these experts surrounding the... Read more »

Money Smart Week 2011 KICKOFF! 500+ FREE personal finance classes offered

And yes, that Jesse De Guzman, head sushi chef and one of the 2011 Chicago Magazine's "Most Beautiful People" of Chicago!  Yup, he's Filipino.
Have you struggled in the area of personal finance and managing your money?  Have you been financially frustrated and confused about important decisions about investments, renting versus owning your home, helping send your kids to college or how to get out of debt, to name a few? Money Smart Week Chicago has officially begun, April... Read more »

Networking in Chicago: Sarah Vargo & Jarrett Payton Lead the Way

Katrina and Jeff indulge while we are graced with one of Chicago Magazine's 2011 "100 Most Beautiful People", Jesse DeGuzman (I'm not lettin' you live that down Jesse!)
Have you heard the saying, “It’s who you know?”  Taking that to another level, especially in this economy, it’s “Who knows YOU!”  Networking has been a trademark of how I’ve built my brand, gotten my message out in a noisy world and of course, stand shoulder-to-shoulder within the community I serve to get real-time feedback... Read more »

Dani Johnson of Secret Millionaire on The Oprah Show

Podcast Powered By Podbean Lana Pipkins tweeted me this yesterday, “Dani Johnson: homeless at 21 to a millionaire at 23<< Have U heard this story? #AgainstAllOdds”  Of COURSE!  Thanks for reminding me to blog about this Lana! Tag-team!! It’s always great to see what God-lovin’ and God-honorin’ entrepreneurs are continuing to do, especially in today’s... Read more »