Easter Bunny Gets Invited to Church: Matt Sapaula Appears in The First Breakfast

As the swirl of families gets together this weekend, the Easter Bunny is not immune from getting an invitation to church.  So you’ve heard the story about “The Last Supper”…what about “The First Breakfast?”

For my rookie acting debut (LOL!), I get to act in City Church Chicago’s church ministry “feature film” in playing a role to help the Easter Bunny appreciate what life is like AFTER the festivities.

First time for everything, eh?

I hope you all enjoy this quick video and moreso, enjoy what the holiday means to many people of faith.  It’s a holiday story of love, commitment and forgiveness…even when we have done little to earn it. (And we’ll never be able to do enough!)

Especially glad that it has brought our family together from across the US and to my friends, thanks for the endless text messages about “He is RISEN” beginning at 7am!

God bless you guys…much love backatcha!




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