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Getting in Top Financial Fitness

Getting in Top Financial Fitness
Podcast Powered By Podbean PODCAST from “Outside the Ring with David Diaz“ Are you still backed up on the ropes, fighting for your financial life?  Has this battle with money got you worn out?  Well, it’s time to shake it all off, turn it around and get in top financial fitness.  ON YOUR FEET! What... Read more »

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?
Just like most people are headed to the gyms at the beginning of the New Year’s resolution wanting to hire a personal trainer to get them in the best physical shape, some are wondering how they can get in the best financial shape as well. The same way you are frustrated with diet and exercise,... Read more »

3 Things I Taught My Teenage Son When He Got His First Paycheck

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Do you remember those days of your first job?  No bills, no stress and all the things you look forward to buying without having to ask mom and dad for money? Empowering, eh? Oh joy. (BTW, as I was writing this onboard a Metra train with my twins, they told me to indent my paragraphs. ... Read more »

New Year's with Kirk Franklin at Willow Creek Community Church

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Each year, our team comes up with a theme for a new year ahead.  It honors the experiences we’ve learned from the year behind us, thankful of both good and bad.  2011 was BREAKOUT – a force emergence from a restrictive condition.  With swagger, we attacked 2011, withstood it’s challenges and finished STRONG.  Instead of... Read more »