Getting in Top Financial Fitness

Getting in Top Financial Fitness

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PODCAST from “Outside the Ring with David Diaz

Are you still backed up on the ropes, fighting for your financial life?  Has this battle with money got you worn out?  Well, it’s time to shake it all off, turn it around and get in top financial fitness.  ON YOUR FEET!

What could have KNOCKED YOU OUT last year is now behind you.  You’re still here and somehow you have another chance.  There is still time to get your hands back up and fight, claw, crawl your way back to financial victory!

My friend, 1996 Olympic Boxer and former WBC lightweight champ, David Diaz, hosts a radio show called “Outside the Ring” and asked me to come onto his show to share some thoughts on getting back on track, financially.

What you are about to hear is not about where to invest, but rather, the character of a winning attitude and making serious decisions with your money.  After helping people all across the country as a financial coach, the solution to financial problems is not always making more money or hoping investments pan out.

Rather, it is appreciating what you have today then utilizing your God-given talents, abilities and inner passion to create a championship life!  Then, you’ll find it easier to get the right kind of people in your corner to get ready to go the distance.

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